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Triathlete wearing Orca wetsuit

Triathlon Wetsuits

Triathlon wetsuits are designed to make you faster in the water with enhanced buoyancy and a design that with flexibility. Whereas surfers need wetsuits for warmth, triathletes also need buoyancy to make swimming a little easier, reduced drag to reduce time and energy conservation for the following two race stages.

Tri suits are high-performance clothing that also doesn't hinder your comfort, so you can focus on the race. Most triathlon wetsuits are made with different grades of neoprene. Thinner materials offer greater flexibility while thicker will keep you warmer. We stock a range of high-performance Orca wetsuits with Hydrodynamic Silicone coating, buoyancy panels, and enhanced lateral flexibility. Our range of tri wetsuits is available in men’s and women’s models in all sizes to suit your body shape.

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