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Product ID: 122431

Look X-Track Race MTB Pedals with Cleats

Price: £56.00 RRP: £69.99
X-Track Race MTB Pedals with Cleats image 0
X-Track Race MTB Pedals with Cleats image 1
Conquer trails with precision using Look X-Track Race MTB Pedals. Engineered for optimal power transfer and durability, these pedals redefine performance. Includes cleats for a secure connection.
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Price: £56.00 RRP: £69.99
5 out of 5
Average from 5 customer reviews
So far, the best SPDs I've used. They weigh a little bit more than some, but they're solid and have a great contact patch. The Race level is where it's at in terms of value for money vs. weight, if you ask me. Worth noting that my pair don't have the red end caps like in the photo, it's a more neutral greyish black if I recall.
Jonathan G., 9 months ago