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Clipless MTB Pedals

Clipless MTB pedals keep your foot in place while you are riding over rough terrain and help you to push your power through the pedals efficiently. MTB clipless pedals are also known as SPD pedals. This is because the Shimano SPD system was the first clipless pedal to be used for mountain biking and it is still the most popular today.

MTB pedals for racing: Clipless mountain bike pedals are the most popular type of pedals at the mountain bike races. They are essential for XC racing and most enduro and downhill riders prefer them to flat pedals.

Clipless pedals for fun: While flat pedals have become more popular with mountain bikers in recent years there are still good reasons for choosing a clipless MTB pedal for recreational riding. This is because SPD and other types of clipless MTB pedal are more efficient.

MTB pedals for urban cycling: Compared to road cycling pedals, clipless MTB pedals are easier to clip in and out of. This makes them popular with commuters and other urban cyclists who want the benefit of being clipped with the convenience that SPDs offer.

Clipless MTB pedal Brands: Crank Brothers pedals are great for all mountain bike disciplines and their eggbeater design rivals Shimano. We also stock MTB pedals from other leading brands including Nukeproof, Look and Time.

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