Zwift Compatibility

Zwift Compatibility

How It Works

Zwift is a powerful cycle training application that turns your real-world effort into speed in a digital environment. Your power is measured by the watts you produce, and this is used to move you forward through a 3D environment.

To add extra realism your speed is adjusted for your height, weight and the road gradient you’re racing or training on, you even get credit for drafting.

We have a Zwift guide where you can learn more about the app and how you can use it to improve your fitness and performance.

Supported Trainers

Zwift is compatible with a wide range of turbo trainers, indoor bikes and rollers.

Smart Turbo Trainers

Smart turbo trainers can connect to Zwift wirelessly via ANT+ on Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Zwift will then automatically change the resistance of your turbo trainer to match the terrain and conditions of the virtual route you’re riding. Using Zwift with a smart trainer gives you the most immersive cycling experience.

Models Ant+ BLE Notes
Bkool Classic Post-08/2014 models only
Bkool Smart Pro Post-08/2014 models only
Bkool One Not compatible




Models Ant+ BLE Notes
Hammer Direct Drive
PowerSync ANT+ SKU 9912
PowerSync BLE SKU 9913
Powerbeam Pro ANT+ SKU 9480 and 9481
Powerbeam Pro BLE SKU 9478




Models Ant+ BLE Notes
Qubo Digital Smart B+
RealAxiom Wireless ANT ver.
RealAxiom B+
RealPower Wireless ANT ver.
RealTour Wireless ANT ver.
RealTour B+
Real Turbo Muin Wireless ANT ver.
Real Turbo Muin B+
Turbo Roteo Smart B+ Transmits Power
Real wired trainers USB RealPower, USB RealTour, and USB RealAxiom




Models Ant+ BLE Notes
Rock and Roll | Smart Control T-6200
Road Machine | Smart Control T-6100
Smart Control Power Unit T-6000




Models Ant+ BLE Notes
Bushido Smart T2780
Flux T2900
Genius Smart T2080
i-Genius Multiplayer Smart T2010
Ironman Smart T2060
Flow Smart T2240
Neo Smart T2800
Vortex Smart T2180
Vortex Smart TDF-Edition T2180 TDF Edition





Classic Turbo Trainers

Classic trainers do not have the ability to communicate with ANT+ or BLE wirelessly to send your power data to Zwift. However, you can use a compatible speed/cadence sensor or power meter to connect to Zwift. Also, some manufacturers provide their own Zwift compatible sensors.

When using a speed/cadence sensor, Zwift will translate the speed from your trainer into power (watts) using a virtual power curve. Zwift have tested all the supported trainers below to estimate the watts needed for speed-based power. These sensors and meters connect wirelessly via ANT+ or BLE.

Some of the turbo trainers below are ‘zPower’ enabled. ZPower is Zwift’s own virtual power curve that accounts for spikes in power output from sudden accelerations, so you get a more responsive experience, rather than a linear virtual power curve.

Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
JetFluid Pro
Super Magneto
Super Magneto Pro




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
Crono Fluid
Crono Force
Crono Hydromag 5 levels
Fluid Alu
Kura Transmits Power
Novo Force
Novo Mag Speed Alu
Novo Power Mag
Power Fluid
Power Fluid Ritmo
Qubo E-Digital Wired
Qubo Fluid
Qubo Fluid +
Qubo Hydromag 5 levels
Qubo Hydromag 8
Qubo Hydromag Digital 5 levels
Qubo Hydromag Digital 8
Qubo Power Fluid
Qubo Power Mag
Qubo Power Mag Smart
Supercrono Digital 5
Supercrono Digital 8
Supercrono E-Force
Supercrono Hydromag 5 levels
Supercrono Hydromag Digitial 5 levels
Supercrono Mag Alu
Supercrono Mag Gel
Supercrono Power Fluid
Supercrono Power Mag
Turbo Muin
Turbo Muin Smart B+ Transmits Power
Volano Requires Misuro B+ sensor (not included)
Volare Mag Force
Volare Mag Speed Alu
Volare Mag Speed Gel




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
CycloTron Fluid
CycloTron Fluid Comp
CycloTron Mag
CycloTron Auto




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
WhisperDrive Requires separate power meter
Z1 Fluidpro




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
Kinetic Road Machine | Smart T-2700 inRide sensor connects via BLE
Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart T-2800 inRide sensor connects via BLE
Road Machine Optional inRide sensor connects via BLE
Road Rock And Roll Optional inRide sensor connects via BLE




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
Magteqs Twin
Magturbo B60D
Magturbo B60R




Models Z Power Virtual Power Notes
Blue Matic
Blue Motion
Blue Twist
Booster N
Satori Smart Transmits Power





Indoor Bikes

Many Indoor Bikes have ANT+ or BLE connectivity which are Zwift compatible.

Models ANT+ BLE Notes
Phantom 3
Phantom 5 Not fully supported






You can use any cycling rollers with Zwift when you have equipped a supported power meter to your bike. Smart rollers also have access to automatic resistance control.

All Makes/Models
All Makes/Models ANT+ BLE Notes
Arion Digital Smart B+ Resistance control
Elite Real E-motion (wireless ANT ver) Resistance control
Elite Real E-motion B+ Resistance control
Any Requires power meter





Supported Connectivity

Zwift uses industry standard wireless protocols to connect to your devices.


ANT+ is a wireless technology that allows your turbo trainer, cycling sensors, power meters and tech to communicate with each other.

Bluetooth Smart (BLE)

BLE is a lets your devices communicate wirelessly with each other with considerably reduced power consumption. BLE runs natively on most mobile and desktop operating systems.

Zwift connectivity

Supported Devices

Zwift is compatible with all power meters, speed and cadence sensors as well as heart rate monitors which can connect via ANT+ or BLE.

Power Meters

All Makes/Models
Model/Make Ant+ BLE Notes
Garmin Vector
Saris PowerTap
Saris PowerTap C1 Chainrings
Saris PowerTap C1 Pedals
Verve InfoCrank
Other Ant+ or BLE





Speed & Cadence Sensors

All Makes/Models
Models Ant+ BLE Notes
CatEye ISC-11
Saris Speed and Cadence
Garmin Bike Speed
Garmin GSC10
JetBlack JBT-102
PowerTap ANT+ Dual Speed and Cadence
Other Ant+ or BLE





Supported Platforms

Zwift supports a wide range of Apple and Windows computers.

Desktop & Laptop Requirements

Minimum Spec
OS Windows 7 64bit or higher | macOS 10.9 or higher
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory 4GB
Graphics 1GB dedicated GPU, or embedded Intel HD 4000/AMD R5
Hard Disk 4GB of free space
Recommended Spec
OS Windows 7 64bit or higher | macOS 10.9 or higher
Processor Dual Core Intel® Core i5 or AMD
Memory 8GB
Graphics 2GB Radeon R9 200 series, or NVIDIA GTX 650
Hard Disk 4GB of free space

iPhone & iOS Requirements

Devices iPhone SE | iPhone 5S or higher
Devices iPad Air or higher | iPad Pro | iPad Mini 2 or higher | iPod 6