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Merida Crossway Range Review

Merida Crossway Review


£300.00 - £900.00

Finance from:

£31.67/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • High-quality frame
  • Two flavours to choose from
  • Both women’s and unisex models
  • Reflective side walls only on certain models
  • Only one colour option for each model
  • Limited size options on some models


Hybrid Sports


From urban road to forest tracks


Coming Soon

Every model in the Merida Crossway range is suitable for every-day cycling on roads and cycle paths. If you’d like to extend your ride onto rough unmade roads and gravel paths, then the suspension fork equipped bikes will be ideal.

2020 Update

Merida have slimmed down the Crossway range for 2020 focusing on the key alloy framed models. The remaining models in this Merida Crossway review offer the same great blend of functionality and remain virtually unchanged for 2020. The colour schemes have all been revised but Merida have decided to stick with this winning formula this season.

Updated: 19th December 2019


Perfect for leisure cycling and commuting, the Merida Crossway is a capable hybrid bike for riding on urban streets and cycle paths. Some models are even suitable for riding on bumpy gravel tracks and forest roads. The Merida Crossway we review here is available in two different flavours. The Crossway models get a suspension fork and wide treaded tyres, so you can ride them on rough tracks as well as smooth roads. As the name suggests the Crossway Urban is built for city cycling and has rigid fork with narrower slick tyres for a more tarmac focused ride.

There are both unisex and women’s specific models available at a range of price points. There are two different frame quality levels and different specification levels. We look at this in more detail below. As with all Merida bikes, the Crossway represents excellent value for money. Merida are well known for their high-quality frames and every Crossway has a very competitive component spec for the price point.

Merida Crossway frame


High-quality aluminium alloy frames

You get a relaxed, upright riding position with every Merida Crossway bike. The handling is well balanced with an emphasis on stability as well as comfortable efficiency. Both the Crossway and the Crossway Urban come with two different frame options. The double-digit models, like the Crossway 40, have a 6061 aluminium alloy frame. Double butting and forming allows Merida to fine tune the tube thicknesses. This means that the frame is both lightweight and strong. As well as these great features, the triple-digit models like the Crossway 300, also get smooth welds for more graceful lines. To make fitting accessories easier, all the bikes in the Crossway range get mounts for mudguards, rear luggage rack and a kickstand.

The standard Crossway bikes are all fitted with a Suntour suspension fork to smooth out the bumps on rough roads and gravel tracks. The Crossway Urban bikes all get a rigid fork. These are lighter weight than a suspension fork and are ideal for tarmac cycling. At the top of the range the Crossway Urban 500 gets a carbon fibre composite fork just like you’d find on a road race bike. All the triple-digit Crossways get a tapered steerer tube for a stiffer front end and improved steering control. The Women’s specific crossway models also get these great features, with a lowered top tube to make stopping and starting easier. The women’s bikes are also slightly shorter for the perfect cycling position.

Unlike many other premium cycling brands, Merida make all their own frames. This means that they are able to offer their bikes at very competitive prices.

Merida Crossway drivetrain


A wide range of gears on every bike

Ready for practical city cycling, The Merida Crossway Urban 100 and 500 are supplied with mudguards and kickstand ready fitted.

Every Merida Crossway bike features a Shimano drivetrain that offers reliable shifting. With a triple chainset you get a wide gear range on every bike. Starting with the 10-V you get a 3x7 speed drivetrain. Moving up through the range, the 15 and 20 models get a wide range of gears with a 3x8 speed drivetrain. The 40 and 100 models both get 3x9 speed. The gear range is similar to the 8-speed bikes, but the gaps between the gears are smaller for more efficient pedalling. The rest of the range get 3x10 speed gearing for even more efficient pedalling. The exception to this is the Crossway Urban 500 that features a 2x10 speed drivetrain. With a double front chainrings, gear shifting is much more intuitive.

Most of the Crossway and Crossway Urban bikes get powerful hydraulic disc brakes. The main advantage of these brakes is that they work consistently well in all conditions. There are just a couple of exceptions. The Crossway 15-MD has mechanical disc brakes. These aren’t quite as powerful as hydraulics but still work consistently well in the wet. The Crossway 10-V gets traditional rim brakes which are strong in dry conditions but do lack bite in the wet. Improving comfort on rough surfaces, all the standard Crossway bikes get a suspension seatpost. You can also raise the handlebar height on these bikes for an even more upright cycling position. You don’t get these features on the Crossway Urban bikes as they are more focused on speed and efficiency.

Merida Crossway Wheels


Efficient and smooth rolling

Fast rolling and efficient, the 700c wheel size is the same as you find on road bikes. Ideal for general cycling. Quick release axle skewers it nice and easy to take the wheels off. For extra piece of mind when your bike is parked, the Crossway Urban 100 and 500 get allen key security fixing axles.

Perfect for cycling over mixed terrain, the suspension fork equipped Crossway bikes get wide 40c tyres. These tyres have a light tread, which gives you some grip on loose surfaces while still rolling fairly quickly on tarmac. The Crossway Urban models get road specific slick tyres. At 35c these are slightly narrower for faster and more efficient cycling on the road. These tyres are still wider than you will find on a road race bike, so you get a smoother ride. The 100, 300 and 500 Crossway models all get reflective sidewalls on the tyres for improved night-time visibility on the roads.

Like their frames, Merida make their own wheels in their very own factory. This means that you are getting a quality alloy wheelset on every bike in the range.

Merida Crossway

Best for

Recreational cycling and commuting

Every model in the Merida Crossway range is suitable for every-day cycling on roads and cycle paths. If you’d like to extend your ride onto rough unmade roads and gravel paths, then the suspension fork equipped bikes will be ideal. For those who like to ride with a little more speed and efficiency on tarmac roads and cycle paths then the Crossway Urban bikes will be more suitable.

Merida are actually one of the biggest bike manufacturers on the planet. They are masters of frame construction and make frames for many other top brands, including Specialized. Whichever flavour Crossway you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality bike at a very competitive price point.

Merida Crossway lockout lever Merida Crossway brake lever
Merida Crossway frame detail with mounts Merida Crossway saddle
Merida Crossway seatpost and saddle Merida Crossway adjustable stem

Merida Crossway range models

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