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Specialized Sirrus Carbon

Specialized Sirrus Carbon

Responsive handling, lighting quick acceleration, and a comfortable ride. The Specialized Sirrus Carbon is a lightweight bike that rides like no other.

Read Review | 28th March 2023

Cannondale Quick range

Cannondale Quick

Designed to offer a fast, efficient and comfortable ride around town, the Cannondale Quick combines road bike speed with a comfortable upright riding position.

Read Review | 22nd August 2019

Cannondale Treadwell Range

Cannondale Treadwell

The brand-new Treadwell from Cannondale looks to be the perfect fun and fitness bike to rekindle your joy of cycling.

Read Review | 21st May 2019

Cannondale Bad Boy Range

Cannondale Bad Boy

Putting the quirkiness back into commuting, the Cannondale Bad Boy range is unique and will definitely get you riding with a smile.

Read Review | 4th December 2018

Merida Crossway 2018 Range Review

Merida Crossway 

Perfect for leisure cycling and commuting, the Merida Crossway is a capable hybrid bike for riding on urban streets and cycle paths.

Read Review | 11th May 2018

Giant Escape 2018 Range Review

Giant Escape 

The Escape is great for commuting, weekend rides around the country and even fitness training, making a great mix between road efficiency and mountain bike position.

Read Review | 2nd May 2018

Giant Roam 2018 Range Review

Giant Roam 

We review the whole Roam range, looking at what makes it a capable urban and countryside performer and great for everyday riding. This hybrid sports bike puts you in that great upright riding position, perfect for efficient riding, yet comfortable in your general clothing.

Read Review | 21st Mar 2018

Specialized Sirrus 2018 Range Review

Specialized Sirrus 

Blending speed with comfort, the Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike range is perfect for cyclists who want to make cycling a part of their fitness routine.

Read Review | 20th Dec 2017

Specialized Crosstrail 2018 Range Review

Specialized Crosstrail 

The Specialized Crosstrail is a versatile hybrid bike that is designed to offer comfortable, efficient ride on every surface from smooth tarmac roads to rough gravel tracks.

Read Review | 11th Dec 2018

Cannondale Quick CX range

Cannondale Quick CX

The Quick CX is a hybrid bike for cycling on mixed terrain. Roads, cycle paths, gravel tracks and even a little bit of single track, you can ride them all on the Quick CX.

Read Review | 1st November 2017