Cannondale Quick  Review

Cannondale Quick Review


£419.99 - £999.99

Finance from:

£35.00/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • Lightest-in-class weights
  • Reflective frame graphics
  • Wide range of models
  • Mudguards not supplied
  • Only one colour for each model
  • V-brakes on entry bike


Flat bar road bike or hybrid


Fitness, commuting or leisure


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Lightweight, comfortable and fast the Cannondale Quick is ideal for all types of urban road cycling, from fitness training and commuting to fun rides around the city.

Updated: 22nd August 2019


Offering a fast, efficient and comfortable ride around town the Cannondale Quick combines road bike speed with a comfortable upright riding position. This is perfect for urban cycling as it gives you better visibility than a drop bar road bike, while still being faster and more efficient than a mountain bike or rugged hybrid.

The Quick is available in both men’s and women’s versions and there are two different frame options within the women’s range. You have 14 models to choose from in all. The quality of the components increasing as you move up through the range from the Quick 6 up to the Quick 1. These bikes are ideal for commuting, fitness training and all types of urban cycling.

Cannondale Quick Frame


High-quality aluminium alloy

Made from Cannondale’s highest quality C3 aluminium alloy the frames on all the Quick models are finely crafted. A great feature is the SAVE rear stays. These are designed to offer compliance at the rear wheel, so that you get a much smoother ride when cycling over rough road surfaces. These are lightweight frames. Cannondale claim that these are the lightest bikes in their class. The Quick Women’s bikes are available in two flavours; the regular Quick and the Quick Remixte. The difference is that the Remixte has a lowered top tube which makes getting on and off the bike easier. Every model has mounts for racks and mudguards, perfect for all-weather commuting and even light touring.

The top three men’s and women’s models all have a carbon fork. This is a lightweight fork that also helps to absorb the vibrations you get when cycling on uneven road surfaces. The other bikes in the range have a Chromoly steel fork. This is heavier than a carbon fork, but it does help to smooth out the ride thanks to the inherent compliance characteristics of steel. For improved visibility in low light conditions you get 360° reflective graphics on every bike.

The Quick 3 was a really comfortable ride, absorbing the bumps and holes in the road Cycling Weekly

Cannondale Quick drivetrain


Road bike or MTB drivetrains

The upright riding position with flat bars is great for commuting and leisure riding; your head is up, giving comfort, control and vision. Cycling Weekly

Most of the bikes in the Quick range have drivetrains with double front chainrings. This gives you a wide range of low gears for the climbs and plenty of high gears to get you up to speed. The Quick 1 & 2 are potentially the fastest as their road bike drivetrains offer higher gearing. The Quick 3, 5 & 6 have MTB style drivetrains with smaller chainrings for easier pedalling. The exception is the Quick 4 with its intuitive, easy to use one-by drivetrain. This has a single front chainring with a very wide range rear cassette. With only one gear shifter to worry about gear changing on the Quick 4 is very easy. You still get plenty of low gears for the climbs but less high gears.

The Quick models 1 through 4 are all fitted with hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes give you consistent stopping power in all weather conditions and hydraulics are the most powerful type. Great for all-year-round city cycling. The Quick 5 has cable operated disc brakes that are slightly less powerful hydraulics. The Quick 6 has traditional rim brakes that work very well in dry conditions but lack power in the wet. Both the Women’s and Men’s models have the same drivetrains and brakes.

Cannondale Quick wheels


Integrated wheel sensor

All the Cannondale Quick bikes roll on 700c wheels. This is the same wheel size you will find on a road bike and means you get a fast, efficient ride. Tyres are slightly wider than you will find on most road bikes, so you’ll get a smoother and more comfortable ride without losing much speed. Every bike from the 5 upwards is fitted with Schwalbe tyres that have built in puncture protection for trouble free cycling. These tyres also have reflective side walls for improved side-on-visibility on the road at night. The Quick 1 and 2 have slightly narrower 32c tyres than the 35c fitted to most of the other bikes. Comfort is enhanced with ergonomic grips and Cannondale Fitness saddles. The Quick Women’s models feature ladies’ specific saddles for a more comfortable ride.

All the Quick bikes apart from the 6 are fitted with Cannondale’s integrated wheel sensor which connects to the Cannondale App. Developed in partnership with Garmin this logs all your rides automatically, so that you can easily monitor the progress you are making towards your fitness goals. It also helps you with maintenance by telling you every detail about your bike and even reminding you when it’s time for a tune up.

Around town, the Quick 3 is light and manoeuvrable — it u-turns like a London taxi and sweeps at speed around tight corners with no drama at all. Cycling Weekly

Cannondale Quick

Best for

Commuting, fitness and fun

Lightweight, comfortable and fast rolling the Cannondale Quick is great for all types of urban road cycling, from fitness training and commuting to fun rides around the city. The quick is also a good choice for riding out of town for those that prefer the more upright cycling position of a flat handlebar. The Quick offers road bike speed and efficiency combined with easy handling.

The added safety features like reflective frame graphics and reflective tyre side walls are a real plus point for the Cannondale Quick. This really cements its place as one of the go-to urban bikes for riders that appreciate speed, comfort and efficiency. If your riding ambitions stretch to rougher gravel tracks then have a look at the Cannondale Quick CX, with its suspension fork for smoother ride on bumpy terrain.

Cannondale Quick carbon fork Cannondale Quick wheel detail
Cannondale Quick flat bars Cannondale Quick rear mech
Cannondale Quick fork Cannondale Quick frame detail

Cannondale Quick range models

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