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Cannondale Quick CX Range Review

Cannondale Quick CX Review


£499.99 - £999.99

Finance from:

£41.67/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • 50mm travel suspension fork
  • MTB style gearing
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • No remote lockout on fork
  • The same wheels on each model
  • Clutch mech only on top two models


All-terrain hybrid


Road, track and trail cycling


Coming Soon

The Cannondale Quick CX is an ideal bike for any type of cycling that takes in both smooth and rough terrain.

2020 Update

The only change to the Cannondale Quick CX review is the colour schemes. All the frames, forks and components remain the same.

Updated: 6th January 2020


The Cannondale Quick CX is a hybrid bike that builds on the urban cycling potential of the regular Cannondale Quick, by adding a little off-road capability. The Quick CX range we review here is a hybrid bike for cycling on mixed terrain. Roads, cycle paths, gravel tracks and even a little bit of single track, you can ride them all on the Quick CX.

There are four models in the Cannondale Quick CX range, each featuring a lightweight aluminium frame with 700c road bike sized wheels. A suspension fork is combined with wide 38c tyres to take the sting out of rough roads and gravel tracks, so you can extend your cycling adventures.

Cannondale Quick CX Frame

Frame and Fork

Alloy frame with suspension fork

The Cannondale Quick CX gets a lightweight, mountain bike-inspired aluminium alloy frame that offers a comfortable upright riding position, with just enough forward lean for confident handling and control. Cannondale are masters of aluminium frame design, so the Quick CX is robust enough for confident off-road riding, yet lightweight enough for efficient city cycling. Full mudguard and rack mounts allow you to easily turn the Quick CX into an every-day workhorse.

Every model features an SR Suntour suspension fork that offers 50mm of travel to soak up the bumps on rough surfaces. A switch on the fork crown allows you to lock the fork out for more efficient cycling on smooth tarmac. The sculpted seatstays and chainstays are combined with a narrow seat tube to offer compliance at the rear wheel. Cannondale call this SAVE micro-suspension and it works with the suspension fork to give you a smoother ride on rough gravel tracks and potholed roads.

...a bike for all-weather commuting or simply finding some off-road shortcuts through the park – Bicycle Times

Cannondale Quick CX drivetrain


All-weather performance

The mountain bike-inspired groupset on the Quick CX is ideal for multi-surface cycling

Each model in the Cannondale Quick CX range gets an MTB style drivetrain that offers a wide range of gears. The entry level Quick CX 4 and CX 3 both get a triple front chainset, with an 8 or 9-speed 11-32t rear cassette, which gives you a wide range of gears. The Quick CX 2 takes a different approach with a single front chainring and an extra wide 11-42t cassette. This gives you easier, more intuitive gear shifting with plenty of low gear options for cycling up the steepest hills. The Quick CX 1 features a combination of these two approaches with a double front chainset and an 11-40t cassette. This offers a similar range of low gears as the CX 2 with extra high gears for rapid road riding. Both the CX 2 and CX 3 feature rear derailleurs with a clutch mechanism that stops the chain from bouncing around and falling off on rough terrain.

Hydraulic disc brakes are fitted to each Cannondale Quick CX model. Compared to the traditional rim brakes found on many hybrid bikes, disc brakes offer superior stopping power, especially in wet conditions. Ergonomic handlebar grips and saddle are a nice finishing touch that improves the comfort of the bike.

Cannondale Quick CX wheels


700c wheels with 38mm wide tyres

Cycling on varied road surfaces means you need wheels that offer the perfect balance of durability and lightweight. The 700c road bike style wheels on every Cannondale Quick CX model get double wall alloy rims. These give you the robust performance you need for riding on rough terrain, while still being lightweight enough for efficient cycling on the road. Sealed bearings in the hubs mean that these wheels will keep spinning smoothly mile after mile, whatever conditions you are cycling in.

It is great to see Panaracer Comet Hardpack 38mm tyres on every model in the Quick CX range. These tyres offer a little bit more cushioning than narrower road tyres and the low-profile tread pattern grips really well on gravel tracks without slowing you down too much on the road.

[the Panaracer Comet Hardpack] is an excellent tire that rolled fast over every dirt, gravel, singletrack, sand and hardpack surface I encountered – BikeRumor

Cannondale Quick CX

Best for

Multi surface cycling

The Cannondale Quick CX is an ideal bike for any type of cycling that takes in both smooth and rough terrain. This means that you can cycle confidently through the park on your daily commute or ride from tarmac roads to unpaved tracks on your weekend biking adventures.

Stable and comfortable, the riding position of the Quick CX is equally as well suited to busy urban roads as it is to loose gravel tracks. Combine this with the wide range of gears, hydraulic disc brakes and 700c wheels with 38mm wide tyres, and you get an incredibly versatile bike that will take you confidently wherever you want to cycle.

Cannondale Quick CX stem Cannondale Quick CX frame detail
Cannondale Quick CX brake Cannondale Quick CX suspension fork detail
Cannondale Quick CX rear mech Cannondale Quick CX saddle

Cannondale Quick CX range models

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