Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc

Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc

Aero optimized to deliver race winning speed the Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc offers a fantastic blend of efficient power transfer and all-day comfort in the saddle.

Bike of the Year 2021, Overall Winner – Cycling Plus, Bike Radar

Taking top honours in the Cycling Plus and Bike Radar Bike of the Year contest, the Boardman SLR 9.4 Disc is an accomplished road bike that performs well at every level.

Riding the Boardman SLR 4.9

The Perfect All-Round Road Platform

Built to be fast and practical in real world riding conditions, the lightweight high-modulus carbon frame is aero optimized and features a carbon layup that offers the perfect blend of ride comfort and efficient power transfer. This is combined with a riding position that encourages long days in the saddle without sitting up tall in the wind. The perfect all-round road bike for riding further and faster.

Out of the saddle on Boardman SLR 4.9

Race Winning Speed

In most situations it is aerodynamic drag that that limits speed rather than fighting gravity. Designed and tested in the wind-tunnel the SLR frameset is optimized for aerodynamic performance without adding any significant weight or compromising the quality of the ride. The whole bike only weighs around 8.1Kg.

seat tube Boardman SLR 4.9

All Day Comfort

Designed with comfort in mind the frame features dropped seat stays and a slim legged fork that absorb the small bumps in the road without compromising on lateral stiffness. This means that you’ll feel confident when cornering quickly but won’t be overly fatigued when cycling on less than perfect road surfaces.

Riding the Boardman SLR 4.9

Balanced Riding Position

Comfortable and efficient the SLR 9.4 is designed to encourage long days of exploration. The riding position strikes a nice balance between a long and low, flat backed race position and a more upright endurance set up.

Boardman SLR 4.9 oblique view

Efficiency Focused

Using Boardman’s C10 carbon fibre blend, high modulus fibres are used in key areas to increase the strength to weight ratio. Deep, box-section chainstays, an oversized bottom bracket area and dropped seat stays all combine to offer a stiff, compact rear triangle that maximizes power transfer for the ultimate pedalling efficiency.

Boardman SLR 4.9 SRAM Rival AXS drivetrain


The 12-speed SRAM Rival eTap AXS wireless drivetrain offers the same crisp shifting technology that the pros use. Gear changes are precise and consistent all at the push of a button. With no shift cables to worry about, there’s minimal maintenance to do, so you get perfect shifting all year round. Powerful hydraulic disc brakes give you powerful and efficient speed control in all weather conditions.

The Boardman SLR 9.4 offers a quick and comfortable ride for the serious road cyclist who loves to ride further. At just £2,700 the SLR 9.4 Disc offers incredible value for such a high-performance machine, it’s no wonder that Cycling Plus and Bike Radar gave this bike top honours for 2021.

Boardman SLR Range

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