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Best Electric Bikes

With a motor to boost your natural pedalling power, electric bikes are a great way to cycle further with less effort. Pedal assist motors add extra power to each pedal stroke, which makes it easier to get moving. The effect is most noticeable on the hills, so you can pedal to the top of the steepest climbs on an e bike without getting into a sweat.

You still get some healthy exercise in while you ride an e bike as you still have to put in some effort to turn the pedals. Pedal assist is only offered up to 15mph on all our electric bikes, this is a legal requirement and means that you can ride e bikes everywhere that you can ride a regular bike.

Just like regular bikes, electric bikes come in many different types, from electric urban bikes to e MTBs. While the bikes are different, drive technology is shared across the different electric bike categories. There are two basic types of motor; hub drives help to turn the front or rear wheel and are the most affordable, crank drives add power through the chain directly and are the most powerful.

All our ebikes use lithium ion batteries, like those found in mobile phones and electric cars. The amount of power that the motor offers can be changed by using different power modes. This means that you can manage the battery capacity by increasing the power for the climbs and reducing it for easier flat sections.

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Most electric bikes have a screen that shows essential ride information like power mode and remaining battery capacity. Some ebikes use a slimmed down display that offers minimal information for a cleaner look. Smart phone apps allow you to dig a bit deeper and adjust the performance of the drive unit. Many brand’s apps also offer navigation features.

Electric bikes are evolving fast. Manufacturers refine their designs to offer you the best electric bikes. Even though they are easy to pedal electric bikes are heavy which can affect the handling. Lightweight SL ebikes use a less powerful motor, so they don’t need such a big battery pack. This brings down the weight considerably, but you still get a good boost to your natural pedalling power.

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Best Electric Bikes

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