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How To Correctly Lubricate Your Chain

Maintain your chain in 5 easy steps

Keeping your chain properly lubricated is an essential part of maintaining a healthy bike. It doesn’t take long and it’ll increase the life of your drivetrain as well as making for a smoother ride. 

When should I oil my chain?

The service-interval for chain care is dependent on the conditions you ride in. You can’t say that wet or dry conditions require more care, as sand and dust can have as much effect on your drivetrain as moisture does. For this reason we recommend cleaning the chain after every ride and applying a new film of lubricant.

What oil is suitable for my chain?

There are two main kinds of chain lubricant: dry and wet. Their purposes correspond well to the weather that you’ll be riding in. Dry lubricant is a bit thinner to not attract the dust in the dry, and wet lube is thicker to protect the chain more in muddy or wet conditions. Wet lubricant will attract more dust is used in dry conditions, whereas dry lubricant will quickly wear out in wet and muddy conditions, so it’s important to use the correct lubricant.

Apply degreaser

Before you add any lubricant to the chain, it’s important to first clean it. Don't just use soap and water as it won’t sufficiently clean your chain. A degreaser is essential to make sure that all the old grease and muck on the chain is properly removed.

Slowly back-pedal while applying the degreaser onto the chain, making sure it is generously coated on the chain.

Apply Degreaser

Run through sponge

Let the degreaser soak into the chain for a minute or so. This will help to lift off the grease from the chain. Next, run the chain through the chain sponge or rag to remove all the grease. 

Run Through Sponge

Remove excess degreaser

Rinse all the excess off with warm water. It is easiest to soak a paper towel with water and run the chain through it. Any excess grease left over can mean that your chain won’t stay properly lubricated.

Remove Excess

Apply new lube

Once the chain is dry, it's time to apply the new lubricant. Slowly back-pedal while applying a steady, small stream of lubrication evenly over the chain. For best results, apply the lube on the top of the lower part of the chain. Make sure to get into every link. 

Apply New Lube

Remove excess Lube

Leave the chain for a minute to allow the lubrication to settle in. Then gently wipe the chain with a clean rag to remove any excess lubrication from the chain. It may seem like the more chain lubricant, the better, but any extra lube that is left over can attract dirt and grit onto your drivetrain.

Remove Excess Lube

Only use proper bike lubricant - generic oils won't work well and could damage your components. 

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