Secure a Quick Release skewer

Secure A Quick Release Skewer

How-to Tighten Quick Release skewers

Accidentally over-tightening QR levers so you can't undo them again is a very common rookie error. Learn how to firmly secure them without getting them stuck.

CautionNote: Don't fasten your QR as tight as you possibly can before pushing the lever down. Doing so will apply far too much tension, making it virtually impossible to release the lever again.

What do you need?

  • A bike with QR skewers
  • To identify the QR lever, Acorn Nut and Fork Dropouts (see following image)
Parts of a QR skewer and fork dropouts

Check wheel axle is in position

Make sure the wheel axle has located properly in the dropouts. Line up the QR lever so that when you close it, it will be parallel to the fork leg.

Check axle position

Begin tightening

Wind the acorn nut on the other side until there is some tension, but not too tight.

Wind the acorn nut on the other side until there is some tension.

Close lever to check tension

If the tension is right, you will need to push the lever firmly to tighten the wheel in the dropouts.

If you need to apply more pressure than you comfortably can with the palm of your hand, it's too tight. Undo the acorn nut half a turn at a time until the tension is right.

If you find it easy to close the lever, it could be too loose. Tighten the acorn nut half a turn and retry the lever.

Check tension is correct

Align the lever

Align your QR lever so it is flush with your fork leg or rear chainstay. This reduces the chance of it snagging anything and coming loose accidentally.

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