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Danni Flawn Team Tredz 2016

Danni Takes a Look Back at 2016

2016 has been a busy year for me - from moving house twice, starting a new job, Las Vegas, illness and injury.

Looking back, I was surprised I fitted in as many races and events as I did. Now, I’ll look back at some of my most memorable moments on a bike

Criterium Racing

My Criterium season started in April. I’d always wanted to race in a Crit but trying to find a local event with a Women’s only race proved more difficult than I originally thought. My first ever Criterium was up in Shrewsbury. I remember driving up with my Propel Advanced Pro 1 in the boot wondering what I was getting myself into. Normally I have a plan and tactics, but I was heading into the unknown - I literally had all the gear with no idea. But everyone has to start somewhere, right?

I soon came to realise that Criterium’s are physically and mentally demanding, like doing HIT intervals for an hour into a headwind. Tactics, experience and power go a long way when racing these types of events.

Danni Flawn Giant Propel Team Tredz

North Wales to South Wales - Cardiff City Foundation Ride

In September, I was asked by Tredz to lead a sponsored charity ride from Harlech to Cardiff. The riders would cover just under 200 miles in 3 days and it was the job of Dave and I to see that was done safely.

I was in my element - motivating and teaching complete novices the beauty of riding a bike. All riders successfully completed the event and it was a pleasure to be part of the team.

Those 3 days will stay with me for a long time - glorious sunshine, beautiful scenery, great company and doing what I love - cycling.

Danni Flawn Tredz Cardiff CIty Foundation 2016

Tide 2 Tide

October saw the beginning of the Cyclocross season and Tide 2 Tide was the first off-road race I had planned. Dave, Alex and myself entered into the event as a Tredz relay team. The course was technical, challenging but also fun. We rode in every conditions possible - mud, sand, rain, sun, daylight and darkness.

And what a way to start the season with a top position on the podium. Very proud that day.

Danni Flawn Team Tredz 2016

Cross in the Park - Tredegar CX

I’ve ridden in a lot of weather conditions but never snow. Looking back, Tredegar Cyclocross Race was a love/hate relationship. It was my first race back from a torn hamstring so the plan was to “take it easy” but that was impossible. During the race, I hated every minute - freezing feet, numb fingers, riding up berms and through icy waters.

It wasn’t a Cyclocross course, more like a MTB course.

Once I crossed the finish line, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was so cold and my feet were like blocks of ice, I could hardly walk.

Danni Flawn mud and snow


2016 was my first full year of racing for Team Tredz and I’ve loved every event. Even though I didn’t race as many events as I wanted to, I still managed to rank 2nd in the Region with British Cycling.

I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these goals without the bikes and mechanical support from Tredz and the training facilities and coaching from Cycle Specific.

The bikes were unbelievable -

The Propel Advanced Pro 1 was my race machine and it lived up to its reputation.

TCR Advanced Pro 1 was the climber that got me from North Wales to South Wales.

But my favorite - the TCX Advanced Pro 2. It never failed me and got me through some tough events.

Danni Flawn tide to tide

2017 will see me return to TimeTrialling, the discipline that got me where I am today. First race, 5th March - the R10/22a.

Safe riding!