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A cyclist using Specialized's Mission Control App

Mission Control

The Specialized Mission Control app gives you the power to tune your Turbo e bike’s motor, track and record rides, take control of your battery power and much more. While it is possible to ride without it, Mission Control unlocks more of your e bike’s potential and will help you to enjoy your ride even more. We recommend that all Turbo e bike users download and use Mission Control.

Why Use Mission Control

Whether you’re heading out on the open road, pinning it down the mountain side or just cruising through the city streets Mission Control will help you to get more from every ride.

Customize: Tune the amount of support the bike gives you and the way that the power is delivered. Mission control allows you to create your own custom presets to give you more control.

Control: Using Smart Control you can work on your fitness goals and tell the bike how far or how long you want to ride to make sure you’ve got enough power for the whole ride.

Track & Record: Get a detailed overview of your fitness ride history and connect with Komoot or Strava’s dedicated e bike segments.

Secure: Lock the motor of your bike so it won’t help anyone else ride it away (may vary according to model).

Update: Be notified about firmware updates and install them on your bike directly through the app (may vary according to model).

How to Use Mission Control

First download Mission Control:

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

How to connect your Turbo ebike to Specialized Mission Control

Connecting your bike to Mission Control on your smart phone is easy. All you need to do is turn the bike on and add it to the app. Have your bikes pairing pin ready if you are connecting for the first time. You can connect all your Turbo ebikes to the app if you have more than one.

How to manage your settings

To get the most out of your rides using Mission Control enter profile information and connect to your Strava or Komoot accounts. You can also connect your peripherals like heart rate monitors and access more support materials.

How to use Smart Control

Using Smart Control you can program the amount of battery that you want remaining at the end of your ride based on the distance/duration and elevation of your planned ride.

You can also use Smart Control to help you attain your fitness goals by setting a target heart rate for your ride.

How to track your rides

Found the perfect ride and ready to go? Record your route, speed, distance, rider power and time with a single tap, or set Mission Control to automatically record so you’ll always have your ride data at hand.

Mission Control can also upload data to Strava or Komoot. You can do this with one tap or set the app to do it automatically for you.

How to tune your Turbo ebike

Fine tune the maximum power and the amount of effort you have to put in to get it in each of the different modes. With Levo and Kenevo bikes you can also adjust the acceleration response and shuttle mode.

You can create individual presets to perfectly balance the battery levels and the support the bike gives you for each of the different types of ride you do.

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