Orbea Oiz

Orbea Oiz

This World Championship winning racing thoroughbred is one of the lightest, stiffest and most efficient mountain bikes around.

Aim For the Top

Whether you pin a number on for the race weekend or take it up a level on your afternoon ride, the Orbea Oiz has what you need to get you there – there is no better weapon to aim for the top.

Tredz Opinion

We took the Oiz M-Pro TR onto our favourite cross-country terrain to put it though it’s paces. Find out what we thought in our first look video.

Orbea Oiz

250g lighter

OMX represents the pinnacle of carbon fibre bike manufacturing. With clean lines and a stiff racing platform the OMX Oiz is built to deliver results. The medium OMX frame weights just 1,740g, and that’s with the shock included.

Orbea Oiz

Two Stroke

The Oiz is available in both 100mm XC and 120mm marathon versions. Both bikes have the same great frame, but different shock stroke lengths give this bike two distinct flavours. Which will yours be?

Orbea Oiz

World Cup Geometry

Born from years of successful world class cross-country racing the Oiz is aggressive comfortable and fast. Super-short chainstays offer explosive acceleration and manoeuvrability.

Orbea Oiz

Design Integration

From the three-position Squidlock suspension adjustment system with its hidden cables to the integrated OC cockpit, the Oiz makes sure that all the controls are accessible and easy to use without taking up unwanted space.

Orbea Oiz

MyO Personalization

New personalization options will take your Oiz to the next level. There are tens of thousands of colour combinations at your fingertips through MyO, ensuring each Oiz can be personalized to your taste.

This lightning fast MTB is available with two types of carbon frame as well as a more affordable aluminium alloy frame. Cross-country race ready most Oiz models have 100mm of suspension travel front and rears while the TR models have 120mm.

Orbea Oiz Range

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