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merida one twenty mountain bike

Merida One-Twenty

The One-Twenty is designed to be a mountain bike for mountain bikers, simple and fun, designed to hit the trails without worrying about what’s ahead.

Read Review | 3rd October 2023

Orbea Occam Review

Orbea Occam

Orbea now have two new versions of their full-suspension mountain bike, the Occam SL and Occam LT. Riders can choose the between a lightweight trail bike for all-round speed or a longer travel version to tackle rougher trails.

Read Review | 5th October 2023

merida one sixty mountain bike

Merida One-Sixty FR

The One-Sixty FR is designed for the bike park, sending jump lines and having good times - on repeat.

Read Review | 22nd September 2023

Giant Talon hardtail mountain bike

Giant Talon

The Giant Talon is a hardtail mountain bike that offers a perfect step into MTB. With multiple frame size, wheel size, and specification options the Talon is available to all budding MTB riders.

Read Review | 13th July 2022

Cannondale Trail hardtail mountain bike

Cannondale Trail

For riders who are new to mountain biking, or those who want an easy to get along with bike for cruising the trails, the Cannondale Trail has a model that’ll fit both your riding style and budget.

Read Review | 14th June 2022

Specialized Rockhopper hardtail mountain bike

Specialized Rockhopper

Available in a wide range of sizes the Specialized Rockhopper is a classic hardtail mountain bike that combines efficient climbing ability with stable handling and a confident, snappy ride.

Read Review | 1st June 2022

Orbea Onna

Orbea Onna

The new Onna from the Basque brand Orbea brings quality and capability within reach of beginner mountain bikers and those wishing to step it up to the next level. Designed from the ground up as a fun and efficient bike.

Read Review | 3rd March 2022

Specialized Stumpjumper

Specialized Stumpjumper

The iconic Specialized Stumpjumper has been completely redesigned for 2021. With a slimmed down frame design, this is a trail bike that performs as good as it looks. It’s lighter weight than ever yet still capable on challenging terrain.

Read Review | 13th October 2020

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Review

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO

In this Specialized Stumpjumper EVO review we look at the rowdy sibling of the Stumpy family.

Read Review | 6th October 2020

Merida Big Trail

Merida Big Trail

With the extra bump soaking ability of the high volume 2.8” tyres, the Big trail gives you a ride quality that is as close to a full suspension bike as you can get with a hardtail frame.

Read Review | 26th August 2020

Orbea Alma

Orbea Alma

This race ready XC hardtail offers the perfect blend of weight and stiffness with comfort features that offer more performance on World Cup mountain bike tracks.

Read Review | 24th July 2020

Orbea Oiz

Orbea Oiz

This World Championship winning racing thoroughbred is one of the lightest, stiffest and most efficient mountain bikes around. This lightning fast MTB is available with a carbon or aluminium alloy frame. 

Read Review | 22nd July 2020

Specialized Enduro mountain bike

Specialized Enduro

With more suspension travel and revised geometry the Enduro now offers a more confident ride on challenging trails.

Read Review | 8th January 2020

Marin Alpine Trail Review

Marin Alpine Trail

Who’s dreaming of a new big-wheel, long-travel full suspension enduro bike. You are? Then wake up and feast your eyes on the Alpine Trail platform from Marin, a bunch of riders who know a thing or two about creating fun off-road.

Read Review | 2nd June 2020

Specialized Chisel Review

Specialized Chisel

With 29” wheels and 100mm forks, the Chisel is poised to slot right into the XC market as an affordable and capable race bike. It’ll keep up with the carbon featherweights, as even though it has an alloy frame, it’s plenty light and the modern geometry puts it square in line with competitive race bikes.

Read Review | 18th December 2019

Scott Ransom Review

Scott Ransom

In the ten years that the Ransom has been away from Scott’s line-up, the mountain biking world has changed. Part of the new breed of long travel 29ers this new bike has taken all these changes on board.

Read Review | 29th November 2019

Giant Stance Review

Giant Stance Review

Giant has completely redesigned the Stance for 2020. There are four models in the range, two 29er's and two 27.5 bikes. With 130mm of front travel and 120mm rear, the Stance is Giant's entry-level full-suspension bike.

Read Review | 12th November 2019

Ragley Blue Pig Review

Ragley Blue Pig

Ragley has been designing hardtails with progressive geometry since 2008, often from steel and with the emphasis on fun. The Blue Pig is no different. Ragley has built a reputation on good handing, bombproof construction, and modern angles showing what good quality hardtails can really do.

Read Review | 24th October 2019

Giant Fathom hardtail mountain bike

Giant Fathom

With short stems, wide handlebars, tubeless tyres and dropper posts both these hardtail MTBs are ready for some serious trail fun straight out of the box. Prices around the £1,000 mark make the Fathom an affordable alternative to a full suss MTB.

Read Review | 17th October 2019

Liv Intrigue Women's full sus mountain bike

Liv Intrigue

A long-travel trail bike designed specifically for women, the Intrigue sits between the cross-country oriented Pique and the enduro focused Hail in Liv’s full suspension mountain bike line-up. The Intrigue offers capable performance on every type of trail, so is ideal for riders who want one-bike-to-do-it-all.

Read Review | 1st October 2019

Giant Trance mountain bike

Giant Trance

The Giant Trance and Trance 29 are very capable full sus MTBs that are ideal for trail centre loops and light enough for cross country adventures. It’s the do-it-all trail bike for every ride.

Read Review | 7th Oct 2019

Marin Pine Mountain

Marin Pine Mountain

Here we review the all-new Pine Mountain from Marin, a classic steel hardtail that packs modern trail riding ability in with a lot of versatility. This year sees two models in the range.

Read Review | 4th September 2019

Kona Process 153

Kona Process 153

The 2020 Kona Process 153 reviewed here is the latest evolution of a platform that has won applause from the MTB press for its grin-inducing ride characteristics and build kit.

Read Review | 3rd September 2019

Marin Rift Zone Review

Marin Rift Zone Review

The new Marin Rift Zone is an excellent example of a short travel 29er. The entry level models are very affordable while still offering a capable component spec to go with the great frame geometry.

Read Review | 27th August 2019

Marin Mount Vision

Marin Mount Vision

Building on the heritage of the Mount Vision, Marin take things to the next level with the Naild R3ACT 2 Play system.

Read Review | 17th July 2019

Lapierre Zesty

Lapierre Zesty

The Lapierre Zesty we review here has been completely redesigned for 2019 with help from 10 time DH world champ Nicolas Vouilloz, along with the longer travel sibling the Spicy.

Read Review | 17th April 2019

Cannondale Habit Carbon 2

Cannondale Habit

The Cannondale Habit has been completely redesigned for 2019. This new bike has the poise of a hardcore trail bike while maintaining the fast efficiency of its predecessors. 

Read Review | 4th April 2019

Marin San Quentin Mountain hardtail mountain bike

Marin San Quentin

Marin offers the San Quentin in three different builds. From entry-level to high-end, labelled simply as the 1, 2 and 3 Marin has created a thoroughly modern and exciting hardtail.

Read Review | 17th Jan 2019

Merida One-Twenty Range Review

Merida One-Twenty

A trail bike to spend all day in the mountains. We review the Merida One-Twenty range, finding a mountain bike in its purest form, and made for you to just get out there and ride. These are versatile full sus mountain bikes. 

Read Review | 22nd October 2018

Specialized Pitch hardtail mountain bike

Specialized Pitch

When adventure comes calling, the Specialized Pitch mountain bike promises an exciting and reliable ride to take on the trails with. The Pitch is designed for both new and experienced riders who want a bike with real off-road capability at an affordable price tag.

Read Review | 22nd October 2018

Giant Reign 2019 range

Giant Reign

The 2019 Reign does not disappoint. The bike now has better all-round ability than ever before, featuring SRAM eagle 12-speed groupsets on all but one model, and a lighter, stiffer Carbon fibre rocker. There are five models in the 2019 range.

Read Review | 19th Sep 2018

Giant Stance Range Review 2018

Giant Stance

The Giant Stance full suspension mountain bikes, are built around quality aluminium frames, with RockShox or Suntour suspension that offers the kind of performance that is usually reserved for bikes at a higher price point.

Read Review | 11th September 2018

Mondraker Dune Mountain Bike 2019

Mondraker Dune

The Dune is Mondraker’s dedicated Enduro MTB & features 170mm of suspension travel front rear. Mondraker actually class this as a Super Enduro bike as it is at the long travel end of the Enduro category when compared to its Trail / Enduro sibling, the Foxy.

Read Review | 15th August 2018

Mondraker Foxy Mountain Bike

Mondraker Foxy

A long travel trail mountain bike, the Mondraker Foxy straddles the line between Trail and Enduro. The Foxy combines 150mm rear wheel suspension travel with a hard-hitting component spec that will appeal to aggressive trail riders who like to ride a variety of different tracks.

Read Review | 7th August 2018

Orange Crush 2018

Orange Crush

A true hardcore hardtail, this is a bike that comes alive when the going gets tough, yet is happy to cruise around mellow trail all-day-long. While not as quick up the climbs as a lightweight cross-country hardtail, the Crush makes up for this by offering much more fun on the descents.

Read Review | 12th June 2018

Cube Stereo 140

Cube Stereo 140

Sitting between the Stereo 120 and the 160 in Cube’s full sus MTB range, the 140 makes for a great all-rounder. 

Read Review | 6th June 2018

Orbea Rallon

Orbea Rallon

Lightweight for such a capable machine, the Rallon bikes we review here are all built around a full carbon frame, with 29” wheels for rapid rolling on rough tracks.

Read Review | 22nd November 2018

Nukeproof Mega

Nukeproof Mega

Tried and tested at the very highest level, these bikes are built for all-day-long rides on the most technically demanding tracks in the world.

Read Review | 15th November 2018

Merida Big Nine  Range Review

Merida Big Nine 2018

A cross-country focused hardtail mountain bike, the Merida Big Nine is available in a wide range of models.

Read Review | 14th November 2018

Merida Big Seven Range Review

Merida Big Seven

From entry level bikes that are ideal for recreational riding, right up to full-on cross-country bikes built for racing, we review the full Big Seven range.

Read Review | 14th November 2018

Merida One-Sixty Range Review

Merida One-Sixty

An enduro bike that won’t break the bank, the Merida One-Sixty is a properly capable mountain bike that’ll take on any trail that you want. Coming into 2018 with a completely revised frame, the One-Sixty is firmly planted into the realms of enduro.

Read Review | 14th November 2018

Merida One-Forty Range Review

Merida One-Forty

A versatile do-it-all trail bike the Merida One-Forty has been completely redesigned for 2018 and is now one of the best alloy framed trail centre bikes on the market. 

Read Review | 14th November 2018

Giant ATX Range Review 2017

Giant ATX

The Giant ATX is a perfect entry into the world of mountain biking. It offers a comfortable riding position for long days in the saddle and components that will inspire confidence and help build your skillset.

Read Review | 14th November 2018

Cannondale Trigger full sus mountain bike

Cannondale Trigger

Cannondale have made the Trigger for riders who want that one bike to do it all, from back country rides, to hitting the jump trails.

Read Review | 31st October 2017

Cannondale Jekyll mountain bike

Cannondale Jekyll

Developed on the enduro racing circuit, yet approachable for everyday riding, the Cannondale Jekyll stays true to its name and delivers a dual personality riding experience.

Read Review | 31st October 2018

Cannondale Cujo hardtail mountain bike

Cannondale Cujo

With plus sized tyres, trail-focused geometry and 120mm of front suspension travel, the Cujo soaks up more of the bumps on the trail so you will feel more confident on technical terrain than you would on a regular XC hardtail MTB.

Read Review | 31st October 2018

Cube Stereo 120 Review

Cube Stereo 120

The Cube Stereo 120 is the ideal companion to take with you on long, all-day tours and marathon mountain bike rides. Engineered in Germany, using advanced materials and the most up to date manufacturing techniques, the Stereo 120 brings that force to the crosscountry mountain bike scene.

Read Review | 3rd April 2017

Cube Stereo 160 Review

Cube Stereo 160

Taking on inclines and descents with ease, the Cube Stereo 160 is an enduro mountain bike that’s capable of taking on the toughest tracks. With a large range of models to fit most budgets, the Stereo 160  caters to riders wanting a capable mountain bike to ride where ever they want.

Read Review | 28th March 2017

Specialized Fuse Review

Specialized Fuse

Combining a longer travel suspension fork with high volume 6Fattie (27.5+) tyres, the Specialized Fuse is one of a new breed of hardtail mountain bikes that delivers more capable performance on challenging terrain.

Read Review | 17th March 2017

Giant Anthem Review

Giant Anthem

Lightweight and versatile, the Giant Anthem is billed as an XC racer, but seconds as a fun, short travel trail ripper. For 2017, Giant have completely redesigned the Anthem to be a more capable bike in every regard.

Read Review | 3rd March 2017

Specialized Demo 8  range

Specialized Demo 8

A downhill trail dominator, the Specialized Demo 8 was race bred on the most extreme DH mountain trails on the planet. Equally at home being ridden heals down and tucked on technical downhill trails, or pumped and jumped at the bike park.

Read Review | 8th March 2017

Cube Acid Review

Cube Acid

The Cube Acid is a versatile hardtail mountain bike that offers capable off-road performance with an efficient and comfortable ride. In this review, we will be looking at the Acid 29er as well as the 27.5” (650b) wheeled model.

Read Review | 18th Oct 2018

Cube Aim Review

Cube Aim

The Cube Aim featured in this review is a versatile hardtail mountain bike that blends capable off-road performance with a comfortable, efficient ride.

Read Review | 18th Oct 2018

Orange Alpine6 Pro

Orange Alpine6 Pro

A big hitting enduro bike the Alpine6 will relish the challenge of steep hand cut trails and downhill sections.

Read Review | 11th Jul 2016

Orange Five

Orange Five

Hitting that sweet spot between nimble flickability and high speed stability, a trail bike perfect for British trail centres.

Read Review | 11th Jul 2016