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Best Electric Bikes For Commuting

Electric bikes are a great way to ride further with less effort. As you will arrive at your destination feeling fresh e bikes are perfect for cycling to work. The best e bikes for commuting offer a powerful boost to your natural pedalling power, so you can cycle more easily and arrive ready for a productive day at work.

Our most popular electric urban bikes are available at a range of price points to help you choose your ideal power assisted ride. From the very simple and affordable to the high-tech, this selection covers a wide spread of e bike technologies.

There are two basic types of e bike motor to choose from: hub drives are lighter weight while crank drive units are more powerful. Rear hub drive motors offer substantial pedal assistance to make cycling easier. Crank drive motors offer the most assistance, but the power delivery is very smooth and easy to adjust, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the power.

The amount of power that the motor delivers depends on how hard you push on the pedals. This makes it easy to control your speed as you cycle. In addition to this you can select different power modes that change how much assistance the bike gives you when you pedal. All e bikes are limited to 15.5mph in the UK by law. You can still cycle faster than this, but the motor will stop assisting you as soon as you reach this speed.

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Battery capacity effects how far you can ride. The terrain, weather conditions and power modes also make a big difference to the range you can expect from an e bike. While it is difficult to give exact ranges, you can expect a 300Wh hour battery pack to give you a range of over 70km when riding on mixed terrain with careful use of the power modes. A smaller battery will reduce this range while a large one will obviously extend it.

Electric bikes are available on every Cycle to Work scheme, which makes them an even better option for commuting. When you consider how much money you will save on fuel and/or train fares e bikes are the perfect commuting solution.

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Best Electric Bikes For Commuting