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Best Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes have come a long way since their first incarnations. We have been riding them lately from the ultra-powerful crank drive versions to the new breed of sleek, hub driven models now made. Here we have picked our best and most up to date choices from this burgeoning area of cycling.

Yes, the electric assistance on all electric bikes is limited by law to 15.5 mph, which to a road rider might seem too low. But these bikes really come into their own against headwinds or inclines.

Taking a corner and turning into the wind needs no change from the rider, keep the same cadence and let the motor aid you to keep the same speed regardless. When you are presented with a climb, switch the mode of assistance to Turbo or the equivalent top mode to gain an instant grin, accelerating up a 20% incline is quite a novel feeling that never gets old!

Electric road bike

There are many different brands of electric motor available from the likes of Bosch, Yamaha and Brose. Electric road bikes are available with either crank drive motors or hub drive systems.

A crank drive motor will be more powerful and offer a direct feeling of additional power, while a hub drive motor will often be more subtle in its power delivery. While a piggyback style battery is still available, the latest E road bikes will have an almost unnoticeable internal integrated battery that greatly enhances the looks. Both types are easy to charge for the day to day use. Please see our Electric Road Bike Guide for more info.

electric road bike

Best Electric Road Bikes

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