Cyclist riding bike with a comfortable saddle

Best Comfort Saddles

Choosing the right saddle can make or break your enjoyment while commuting or training. Comfort saddles are ideal for leisure riding at slower speeds on bikes that put you into a more upright riding position.

Here we’ve put together the best comfort saddles you can buy on the market right now, at a range of price points for all budgets.

These saddles are wider at the rear to accommodate your sit bones: these bones (ischial tuberosities) rest on the saddle. To find your sit bone width, you should check out our saddle guide. For female riders, we also have a women’s specific saddle guide.

Comfort saddles are built for comfort rather than performance. You’ll not find many carbon fibre saddles with titanium rails here. You will find wider saddles with extra padding, so you can ride in comfort all day long.

Comfort Saddle

Don’t make the mistake of thinking more padding means more comfort. Excess padding may pinch while you ride. When cycling, as long as your sit bones are properly supported, there is no need for extra padding.

In our opinion, the best comfort saddles will come with a leather saddle cover. While there is a bit of breaking in time, they’ll last far longer than synthetic materials and can mould to your form for incredible comfort.

Comfort saddle

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