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Best 29" MTB Wheels

Rapid rolling over all types of terrain, 29” MTB wheels are now a popular choice for trail riders as well as XC, enduro and DH racers. From lightweight cross-country wheels to durable DH hoops, we have picked out the most popular 29er wheels across a range of price points to help you choose your ideal new wheelset.

Lightweight wheels accelerate faster and make climbing easier. This is especially noticeable on 29ers and a wheel upgrade is one of the best ways to improve your performance on the trail. More aggressive enduro and all mountain riders will also benefit from wider rims. As well as being stronger, a wide rim improves the profile of wide tyres offering better grip.

MTB wheels in both 27.5” and 29” sizes are made for the various mountain bike disciplines. Designed for rapid climbing speed XC wheels tend to be the lightest and feature narrow rim profiles. Downhill wheels are made for hard charging over very rough terrain and feature tough rims with wide profiles that offer great support for wide tyres at low pressures.

Most mountain bikers choose trail wheels as these offer a great balance between lightweight and strength and are the best all-rounders. Nearly as strong as downhill wheels enduro wheels are still lightweight enough for efficient climbing.

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Most MTB wheels have aluminium alloy rims, these are reasonably lightweight and durable. Apart from weight the only disadvantage of an alloy wheelset is that they can dent with heavy impacts on rocks. The best 29” MTB wheels have carbon rims. Carbon is lighter than alloy and these rims are very stiff and strong. Good carbon rims will stand up to a lot of rough riding, they won’t dent but if they do fail, they fail completely.

Some of the wheels in this review are sold singly, others are sold as front and rear wheelsets. Accelerate faster and climb quicker with a 29” mountain bike wheel upgrade.

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