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Commute By Bike -
What Type Of Bike Should I Buy?

With so many bikes to choose from, we’ve put together this simple bike chooser to take away the confusion. If you’re new to cycling, or want a dedicated commuter bike, use the buttons below to help you find the right type of bike for your ride to work.

We think that sometimes electric bikes are the best commuter bikes, so we’ve also included an e-bike chooser. You can get any bike type from the Bike Chooser in an e-bike version too.


1. Does your route include roads and/or smooth cycle tracks?

smooth road for cycling


2. Will part of your commute include a bus or train ride



Buy a Folding Bike

Folding bikes are easy to store and transport.

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folding bike


3. Will your route include gravel tracks or rough paths?

gravel path for cycling


4. Will your route include very rough off-road tracks?

rough off-road track for mountain bikes


Buy a Mountain bike

Mountain bikes are good for riding on very rough tracks and trails, but are slower on the road.

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Giant Stance Mountain Bike


5. Is comfort more important than speed?

Two women cyclists taking a relaxing break from their ride


6. Is lightweight and efficiency more important than comfort?

weighing scales


Buy a Hybrid bike with suspension fork

Suspension forks make riding on gravel tracks more comfortable. It is easy to fit luggage racks and mudguards on hybrid bikes.

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Specialized Crosstrail Hybrid Bike


7. Do you want to carry luggage on the bike or fit full length mudguards?

Pannier racks and mudguards on a hybrid bike


Buy a Hybrid bike with rigid fork

These bikes are comfortable and efficient on roads and smooth cycle tracks. It is easy to fit luggage racks and mudguards on hybrid bikes.

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Specialized Sirrus Hybird bike


8. Is an aerodynamic position more important than nimble handling?

Two women getting aero descending on their bikes


Buy a Road bike with drop handlebars

Offering an aerodynamic riding position these are the fastest bikes on the road.

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Giant road bike with drop handlebars


Buy a Road bike with flat handlebars

Flat handlebars make these fast bikes nimble, so they are more manouverable in city traffic.

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Flat bar road bike


Is an electric bike the best bike for me?


1. Is your route to work further than you can cycle on a regular bike?

long winding road


2. Are the hills too steep for you to cycle up easily?

long steep hill with switchbacks


3. Do you have showers and changing facilities in your place of work?

shower head


4. Do you want the maximum possible workout on your daily commute?

Cyclist working out on their bike


An Electric Bike is Best

An electric bike will help you to ride further than you can on a regualr bike and climb steep hills with ease. You will also arrive at your destination feeling fresh, so you won't need to change or shower.

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Giant e bike


A Regular Bike is Best

Non electric bikes are a great way to get the maximum workout form your daily commute.

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Raleight hybird bike ideal for commuting

Commute by Bike Hub

If you want to get your day off to a cracking start, there's no better way than commuting to work by bike. Cycling through the fresh morning air you’ll arrive at work feeling focused and ready for the challenges of the day.

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Cyclist riding amongst traffic