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Technical Fabric Guide

Here you’ll find the key fabric technologies offered by the biggest names in cycling clothing. When choosing a jersey or a pair of shorts it can be confusing to know which is best for your needs. Is Endura PrimaLoft fabric or ExoShell60 right for me? What is Altura Shield? Here you’ll find all the answers you need.

Endura Technical Fabrics


Waterproofness: 18,000 | Breathability: 60,000

ExoShell60 fabric offers the highest level of breathability that Endura have. 60,000g/m2/24hr is exceptional and helps keep you cool and dry as you ride. With a waterproof rating of 18,000mm, this fabric is also impressively waterproof.

Key to breathability performance comes from the ultrafine, fluorine free membrane (50% thinner than standard membranes), protected by a super-fine denier tricot laminate. Breathability is enhanced by the addition of a proprietary compound that stimulates the transmission of moisture.

The progressive construction of ExoShell60 not only offers impressive breathability ratings but at a mere 105gsm, it boasts an incredible durability to weight ratio.

Endura ExoShell60


Waterproofness: 20,000 | Breathability: 40,000

ExoShell40 is constructed in 3-layers, weighing just 70gsm, it packs down into a small size, offers immense breathability while retaining durability.

The key to the ExoShell40’s impressive breathability rating of 40,000g/m²/24hr and waterproof rating of 20,000mm lies in the ultrafine, fluorine free membrane (50% thinner than standard membranes). This membrane is protected by a super-fine denier tricot laminate. Breathability is enhanced by the addition of a proprietary compound that stimulates the transmission of moisture.

Endura ExoShell40


Waterproofness: 30,000 | Breathability: 25,000

For high stretch, wind and waterproof comfort the ExoShell25ST is hard to beat. A bonded softshell offers quality breathability rating of 25,000g/m2/24hrs. You all get a flap-free design, athletic jersey fit and waterproof jacket protection. 

Developed with Movistar Team, ridden in the harshest conditions by the world’s best riders, ExoShell25ST’s credentials are thoroughly proven.

Endura ExoShell25ST


Waterproofness: 15,000 | Breathability: 20,000

Developed with racing in mind, the translucent properties of ExoShell20ST mean that we’ll always have your number, no matter how bad the weather.

By virtue of a high denier mesh construction, it is a supremely lightweight and packable fabric that makes for rapid deployment and micro pack size when not required. Built in stretch ensures a true race fit; the perfect year-round jersey pocket companion.

Endura ExoShell20ST


Waterproofness: 10,000 | Breathability: 20,000

With an extremely soft, noise free outer face fabric and a superfine denier tricot inner layer sandwiching the thin PU membrane, ExoShell20 offers comfort and performance. The 10,000mm waterproof rating ensures water doesn’t get in and a best in class breathability of 20,000g/m2/24hr keeps you dry from the inside.


Coldblack Technology

Reduces sunlight heating effect

Dark colours generate a higher temperature than light colours when exposed to same direct sunlight intensity. Coldblack reduces this by increasing the amount of infrared and ultraviolet UV rays that are reflected from the fabric’s surface. This greatly reduces the sunlight heating effect.

Coldblack fabric also offers reliable protection from UV rays (minimum UPF 30); ideal for bright summer rides.

Endura Coldblack Technology


Packable insulation

PrimaLoft insulation has a great warmth to weight ratio, compact package size and very breathable construction. It is also highly water resistant making it a versatile fabric for cool rides where the weather is changeable.

Endura PrimaLoft


High performance water repellency

DWR M, developed by M.I.T.I. Spa, is an eco-friendly treatment which provides a high-performance water repellent layer. Bluesign approved and PFC free, this advanced technology protects the environment and the rider.

Endura DWR M

BaaBaa Merino

Natural insulation

BaaBaa Merino wool is used in its purest form for baselayers and as part of a fabric blend for Endura’s warmer and sock ranges. Merino is comfortable to wear, stays warm when wet and is naturally odour resistant.

Endura BaaBaa Merino

Meryl (Skinlife)

Light, soft and breathable

Meryl fabric contains particularly fine fibres, producing a lightweight fabric characterised by soft handle, breathability and resistance to wind and rain.

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Endura Meryl (Skinlife)

Altura Technical Fabrics

Altura Thermo Technology

Altura Thermo products offer body warming insulation and warmth, to maintain core thermoregulation, keeping you warm, dry and comfortable during activity.

Altura Thermo Technology

Altura NightVision Technology

Altura NightVision technology offers superior retroreflectivity for improved visibility in low light conditions. NightVision reflectivity provides a bounce back luminosity delivering an increase in visibility.

Altura NightVision Technology

Altura Dry Technology

Altura Dry products are engineered to move excess moisture away from the skin, to maintain core thermoregulation, keeping you dry and comfortable during activity.

Altura Dry Technology

Altura Shield Technology

Altura Shield products are engineered to provide protection from wind and water whilst still offering high levels of breathability to maintain core thermoregulation, keeping you dry and comfortable during activity.

Altura Shield Technology

Castelli Technical Fabrics

Vortex Fabric

Vortex dimpled fabric on Castelli tights and short legs offer aero performance and muscle support without constricting blood flow.

Castelli Vortex Fabric

Endurance Evolution

Endurance Evolution fabric provides optimum muscle support and feels dryer in nearly all conditions.

Castelli Endurance Evolution

Velocity Dry

Lightweight polyester fabric dries almost instantly. Controlled stretch allows for luxurious comfort and unmatched aerodynamic fit.

Castelli Velocity Dry

StradaPro 3D

100% polyester multidenier fabric. The 3D weave reduces contact area with your skin for excellent wicking. It dries extremely quickly, making for a great hot weather racing fabric.

Castelli StradaPro 3D

Windstopper X-Lite

The highly stretchable Windstopper X-Lite fabric moves naturally with your body and doesn’t restrict movement. It also delivers unprecedented performance, with 100% wind protection, and up to ten times greater breathability compared to other windproof fabrics.

Castelli Windstopper X-Lite

Softlex Lite

Soft and stretchy with a cotton hand and look, Softlex provides outstanding moisture management and comfort. Excellent for cycling inside and outside.

Castelli Softlex Lite

PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active

This fabric offers breathable insulation for active lifestyle. With water-repellent and ultra-fine fibres, the fabric offers softness, warmth and loft – as well as superior water resistance.

Castelli PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Active

Gore-Tex Active

  • Durably Water & Windproof.
  • Water bounces off surface.
  • Extremely Breathable Water vapour (sweat) easily escapes.
Castelli Gore-Tex Active


  • Seamless straps use GIRO3 elastic for lay-flat comfort
  • Grippers are knitted into the leg fabric. No stitching, no binding
  • The short portion is made with a single piece of engineered Power Stretch Lycra® designed to support muscle function

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Castelli Bodypaint

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