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Inner Tubes Guide

How To Choose The Right Inner Tubes For You

It's inevitable you'll get a puncture at some point. When you do you'll need a spare bike inner tube with you. Use our simple bicycle inner tube guide to discover the right type for your bike.

Wheel size diameter on tyre sidewall for correct inner tube sizing

What Size Inner Tube Do I Need?

Before buying a new bicycle inner tube, you'll want to make sure it will fit your wheel rims. The easiest way to do this is by looking at the tyres on your bike. On the sidewall you'll see a combination of digits such as:

700x28c (road wheel) or 27.5x2.2 (mountain bike wheel)

The first figure is the diameter of your wheel, the latter is the width of your tyre.

Inner tubes will fit just one wheel size, so you'll need to match your new tube to your wheel diameter. However, inner tubes will cover a range of tyre widths.

On a product page you'll find inner tubes are labelled with a series of digits:

  • 700 x 23-28c (for road bike tubes)
  • 29 x 1.75-2.4" (for mountain bike tubes)

The first figure is your wheel diameter while the second two figures are the tyre widths the inner tube can be used with. As long as you match your wheel diameter, and your tyre width falls within the range stated, the tube will fit.

ETRTO bike tyre sizing can be found on tyre sidewall

ETRTO Sizing

When looking at the side wall of your tyre you may see a combination of digits such as 54-559 or 23-622.

This is ETRTO sizing but we recommend you use the Imperial/Metric sizing above as most cycle inner tubes we stock use this standard.

Schrader & Presta Valve Compatibility

The easiest way to determine if you need a Presta or Schrader inner tube valve is to again look at your current bike inner tube.

Schrader Valve

Schrader Valve

Easily identified by the 'car type' stubby profile. These valves are often found on entry-level bikes which run on lower tyre pressures such as mountain bikes.

Presta Valve

Presta Valve

Have a long and narrow profile. They have a central core you unscrew before inflating the tube.

Presta valves are often used on road bikes which run at higher tyre pressures. These valves come in a range of lengths. Longer valves are designed for use with deep section aero rims.

The Benefits Of Self-Sealing Inner Tubes

Punctures are inevitable. Instead of having to lug around spare inner tubes with you, you can opt for a self-sealing inner tube. These bike inner tubes are delivered with tube sealant already inside. When you get a puncture the sealant will plug the gap so you can keep riding.

Most Popular Inner Tubes