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Tyre Guides

Whether you are laying down the power on the open road, shredding your local trail or simply cruising through the city, tyre choice makes a huge difference to your ride. Tyres are the only part of your bike that touches the ground when you cycle, so it is vital that you make the right tyre choice if you want to optimise your performance. These handy guides will help you to make the right tyre choice.

Our Tyre Size Guide will clear up any confusion you have when selecting the right replacement tyre for your bike. If you are looking for information about tyre choice for different disciplines, surfaces and performance goals, look at our Road Bike Tyre Guide or Mountain Bike Tyre Guide best tyre for your bike, including rubber compound, tread pattern, tyre pressure, puncture protection and weight.

Disc brake equipped road bikes

Tyre Sizing

Choose the right tyre and understand Traditional and ETRTO sizing.

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Hardtail mountain bike on trail

Mountain Bike Tyres

Select the perfect tyre for the trails that you love to ride.

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Cube road bike with drop handlebars

Road Bike Tyres

Decide which tyre will give you the best performance on the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size bike tyre to buy?

The simplest way is to look at your tyre sidewall, the size should be printed on the tyre.

What do the numbers on bike Tyres mean?

Numbers show the size and width, often the ETRO numbers are also listed, again showing the size and width.

Is a 28 inch tire the same as 700c?

A 700c tyre has an ETRO diameter of 622mm. Most 28 inch tyres are also 622mm, though some are not so make sure to check the ETRO number on your tyre.

Is 27.5 the same as 700c?

A 27.5" tyre fits a smaller rim than a 700c tyre. 700c is 29 inch.

Will a 1.75 tube fit a 1.5 tyre?

Yes, a 1.75 inch tube will fit a slightly narrower 1.5 inch tyre. It is always best to match as close as possible.

Is 700c the same as 29?

Yes, both 700c and 29 inch share an ETRO diameter of 622mm.

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