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Best Road Clipless Pedals

Using road clipless pedals vastly improve the performance and efficiency of your road riding. Offering better support for improved efficiency over flat pedals, clipless road pedals feature a large cleat that is attached to your shoe. 

Three bolt cleats have a much larger surface area than two-bolt MTB clipless pedals, which means there is better power transfer for performance and speed on the road. Power is transferred on the up-stroke as well as the down-stroke.

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By aligning the cleat correctly your foot will be in the right place on the pedal. This optimises power from the leg thus maximising output from each pedal stroke. Injury can be prevented by locating the foot straight and avoiding any twisting or poor foot placement. Cleats are included with pedals. Here we pick out some of our favourites and take a closer look at the features.

road bike pedals

There are a few brands that specialise in road bike pedals, though the most popular is Shimano. Other popular brands are Look and Speedplay. It is important to note that these are not cross-compatible. The cleat on the underside of your road cycling shoe must suit the brand of pedal used. For example, a Shimano cleat will not interface with a Look pedal and vice versa.

For more info on road cycling pedals and cleats, please see our Clipless Road Pedals guide here.

Road Bike Pedals

Best Road Clipless Pedals

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