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Best Winter Road Tyres

Best Winter Road Tyres

Whether you are training for next spring or commuting through the colder months, you’ll need a dedicated winter road bike tyre to keep you rolling reliably. When the roads are cold, wet and full of grit your summer tyres will find it hard to cope. You’ll need something a little more durable and grippy. To help you choose the right rubber for your bike, here are the three best winter road bike tyres for general, all-purpose road cycling.

Winter road bike tyres are heavier and slower than summer tyres, but crucially they are more durable offering excellent puncture protection. There is nothing worse than having to change a tyre when your hands are frozen, it’s dark and miserable.

The best winter road bike tyres will have puncture resistance as one of their key features. Puncture protection is a layer that sits between the tread and carcass. This stops grit and glass being pushed through the rubber to pierce the inner tube.

The best winter tyres have softer rubber compounds that offer more grip in wet conditions, so you can corner with confidence. Dual compound tyres have the softest compound on the sides of the tread with harder rubber in the centre. This makes the tyres quick and long lasting while still giving you plenty of grip when you lean the bike over in the corners.

We’ve also chosen road bike tyres that come in a range of tyre widths from 23c to 32c. In general, a slightly wider tyre than you normally run will offer more grip in the corners, can be run at lower pressures for comfort, but they will be heavier and have increased rolling resistance.

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite roadbike tyre


Quick look

Wheel Sizes: 700c

Disciplines: Endurance

Bead: Folding

Compound: Gripton

Tyre Widths: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm

Tyre Weights: 285g - 430g


The Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite road bike tyres are best in class at this price point. You’re getting superb puncture protection and very good grip without increasing rolling resistance too much.

Specialized’s Armadillo’s feature a Kevlar layer that sits between the carcass and innertube and stretches right the way across from bead-to-bead. This compound helps prevent glass and debris which is picked up being pushed through the rubber.

The tough nature of these tyres give you the confidence to hit more adventurous gravel tracks. Long lasting performance training tyres.

A great all-rounder tyre with very good grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Schwalbe Durano DD

Schwalbe Durano DD road bike tyre

£24.99 - From £31.99

Quick look

Wheel Sizes: 700c, 650b

Disciplines: Endurance

Bead: Folding, Wired

Compound: DD, RaceGuard

Tyre Widths: 23c, 25c, 28c (700c), 1.1” (26")

Tyre Weights: 275g - 430g


The Durano is Schwalbe’s most popular training tyre for long distance riders. We’ve chosen the Durano DD because it offers the best all-round protection for winter riding without adding much additional weight.

The DD stand for Double Defence. In addition to the RaceGuard protection belt there is an effective fabric protector on the sidewall. RaceGuard is double layer of nylon fabric that offers protection within Schwalbe’s lightweight and sporty tyres.

The Durano comes in a range of widths from 23c up to 28c (make sure you check your tyre clearance). There is also a 650b version for use on hybrid bikes. Grip, protection and durability are what you get with the Durano.

First class all-weather training tyre with a nod towards performance focused riders.

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season

Continental Grand Prix 4 Season road bike tyre


Quick look

Wheel Sizes: 700c

Disciplines: Endurance & Race

Bead: Folding

Compound: Max Grip Silica

Tyre Widths: 23mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm

Tyre Weights: 230g – 320g


Conti’s Grand Prix 4 Season, as the name suggest, is ideal for use all year. You can set and forget for peace of mind. These tyres roll well whilst also being durable with good grip. It’s this combination of characteristics which is why the Grand Prix tyres deserve their place here.

These tyres are also the lightest in our list. Puncture protection comes in the form of bead-to-bead Duraskin and two Vectran anti-puncture layers beneath the tread. All this protection and the tyres come in at only 230g (model dependent).

Unlike their other premium tyres, Continental have not used Black Chilli, but Max Grip compound. Max Grip uses softer rubber for improved grip in all conditions.

If you want the best puncture protection in a lightweight package that won’t slow you down too much, these are the tyres for you.

Fit and forget all year-round tyre that’s not just for winter.

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