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Cannondale Quick  Review

Cannondale Quick Review


£377.99 - £899.99

Finance from:

£35.00/month (0% APR)

Average Customer Rating:
  • Lightest-in-class weights
  • Reflective frame graphics
  • Wide range of models to choose from
  • Mudguards not supplied
  • Only one step-thru model
  • Steel fork on entry level bikes


Flat bar road bike or hybrid


Fitness, commuting or leisure


Coming Soon

Lightweight, comfortable and safe the Cannondale Quick is ideal for all types of urban road cycling, from fitness training and commuting to fun rides around the city.

2019 Update

Other than colour schemes, the only change to the Cannondale Quick review for 2019 is the fork on some models. The Quick 4 now gets an alloy from while the Quick 3, 2 and 1 now have a full carbon fork.

Updated: 1st November 2017


The Cannondale Quick, Quick Women’s and Quick Carbon are lightweight, smooth riding flat bar hybrid bikes that are ideal for commuting and fitness training. From entry level alloy hybrid bikes to carbon framed flat bar road bikes, we review the whole Cannondale Quick range here. There are 18 models to choose from, with a wide range of components options as well as different frame and fork options. The spec levels of the Quick range are indicated by numbers, with the Quick 8 being the most affordable. The Quick Women’s bikes mirror the unisex range with similar frame, fork and component specs.

Designed to offer a fast, efficient and comfortable ride around town the Cannondale Quick combines road bike speed with a comfortable upright riding position. This is ideal for urban cycling as it gives you better visibility than a drop bar road bike, while still being faster and more efficient than a mountain bike.

Cannondale Quick Frame


Carbon and aluminium options

Most of the Cannondale Quick models feature a lightweight, high-quality CAAD aluminium alloy frame. Cannondale are one of the industry leaders in aluminium frame design and the Quick frame features SAVE vibration damping for a smooth ride over rough road surfaces. The Quick Carbon models get an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre frame, that shares many of the same qualities as Cannondale’s high-end road bikes. Rack and mudguard mounts on all models add versatility. The Quick Women’s 8 features a step-thru frame.

The top four alloy models, the Quick 4, 3, 2 & 1 all come with a carbon bladed fork. The Quick Carbon models get a lighter weight, full carbon fork. This enhances the smooth ride of the Quick by absorbing the vibrations your get when riding over rough road surfaces. The Quick 6 & 5 both get a lightweight alloy fork while a more affordable Cromoly steel fork is fitted to the other bikes.

Reflective graphics on the Quick frame are a nice finishing touch that improves night-time visibility

Cannondale Quick drivetrain


A wide choice of drivetrain options

Casual speed - road bike quick with mountain bike comfort road.cc

The drivetrain on the Cannondale Quick range is split into three different types. All the models from the Quick 8 to the Quick 4 feature a traditional mountain bike style triple chainset, with a 7, 8 or 9 speed rear cassette. This gives you a wide range of gears with plenty of low ratios, making it easier to climb steep hills. The Quick 2 gets a more modern mountain bike style drivetrain with a single chainring up front, combined with an extra wide range rear cassette. This gives you much the same range as the bikes with a triple chainring but, with only one shifter to worry about, changing gear is a lot easier and the whole drivetrain runs a lot smoother.

The Cannondale Quick 3 and the Quick 1 both get road bike style drivetrains with a compact double chainset. This gives you more high gears for faster cycling. It is the ideal set up for riders with strong legs or those who want to really push their fitness levels. All the Quick Disc and Quick Carbon models get hydraulic disc brakes, for powerful speed control that works consistently well in all weather conditions. The other bikes get MTB style V-brakes that are powerful in the dry but less capable in wet conditions.

Cannondale Quick wheels


Sealed bearings for a smooth ride

All the Cannondale Quick bikes roll on 700c wheels. This is the same wheel size you will find on a road bike and means you get a fast, efficient ride. Tyres are wider than you will find on most road bikes so you’ll get a smoother more comfortable ride without losing much speed.

The wheel hubs on each model feature sealed bearings. This means that the wheels will run smoother, stay fresh and roll faster for longer, whatever weather conditions you ride in. All the bikes from the Quick 5 upwards get Schwalbe Spicer tyres with reflective side walls for improved visibility in low light conditions.

What the Quick represents is a considered approach to the hybrid, particularly in terms of frame design, but also in its high-quality finishing Bike Radar

Cannondale Quick

Best for

Commuting, fitness or fun

Lightweight, comfortable and safe the Cannondale Quick is ideal for all types of urban road cycling, from fitness training and commuting to fun rides around the city. Comfort is enhanced with ergonomic grips and Cannondale Fitness saddles. The Quick Women’s models feature ladies’ specific saddles for a comfortable ride.

The added safety features like reflective frame graphics and reflective tyre side walls are a real plus point for the Cannondale Quick. This really cements its place as one of the go-to urban bikes for riders that appreciate speed, comfort and efficiency. If you riding ambitions stretch to rougher gravel tracks then have a look at the Cannondale Quick CX, a hybrid bike for all terrains. 

Cannondale Quick carbon fork Cannondale Quick wheel detail
Cannondale Quick flat bars Cannondale Quick rear mech
Cannondale Quick fork Cannondale Quick frame detail

Cannondale Quick range models

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