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Electric Bikes - Arrive Feeling Fresher

Will I need to shower when I get to work?

E bike vs normal bike

Leave home later, arrive feeling fresher, no need to shower

There are many advantages of riding an electric bike, but one of the highlights, especially for commuting, is that you can arrive at your destination sweat-free and comfortable. No need to have a change of clothes or use of a shower when you get to work, you can leave home later as not only will you ride faster, but you can just cruise to work and start your day, without dragging your backpack full of spare clothes, towel and faff with you.

Ride with Ease

Leisure cycling is just as easy, ride across town to meet friends without needing to dress a certain way or carry a lot with you. With the extra time e bikes give you, try the scenic route, take the bike paths and stay away from the traffic and stress of the fumes on the roads.

Riding an electric bike is hassle free, sweat free and a very pleasant experience. No need to worry about hills or headwinds, an e bike will handle these with ease, requiring hardly any more effort than normal, especially when the mode of assistance is increased! 

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ride hills on an e bike

Power your ambition

Now having the extra assistance with an electric bike, you might find that your ambitions to increase the distance and number of rides per week can be fulfilled, not put off by a strong headwind, or a route with lots of hills.

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Riding an e bike means you will get the great health benefits of cycling, the stress-free and eco-friendly commute, and no fuel cost. You might consider cancelling a gym membership with the extra exercise you now have from cycling. 

power your ambition with an e bike

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