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Power Your Ambition
Ride Electric

Offering a powerful boost to your natural pedalling power electric bikes make cycling easier. You can cycle to work without getting into a sweat or ride more mountain bike trails with less effort. All while getting some healthy exercise in. An e-bike will power your ambition to ride further and have more fun.

Seven Reasons To Buy An E-Bike

The launch of the Specialized Turbo Levo in 2016 was a watershed moment for electric bikes. It was perhaps the first time an e-bike was desirable in the eyes of dedicated cyclists. Since then, the e-bike market has blossomed and there are now fantastic electric bikes for every cycling discipline.

If you haven’t discovered the benefits of an e-bike yet, then here are seven reasons why you should.

Bike going uphill logoRide with Fitter Friends and Family

On an e-bike, you’ll be able to ride with your fittest friends and family. Riding further and faster you won’t need to worry about slowing them down or making them wait for you to catch up. Riding an e-bike, you can share that wonderful feeling of freedom with those you love most.

Needed something with a bit of assistance as my Husband is a keen cyclist and I felt like I was slowing him down. I’m really enjoying cycling and challenging my husband to keep up with me now.

Samantha C - Specialized Turbo Como 3.0

Bike going uphill logoAid Recovery from Illness & Injury

Electric bikes are a great tool for helping you get back to full fitness after an illness or injury. They can take the strain off your injury, and give you the boost you need to get up the climbs while you’re still recovering your fitness. Far from making you lazy e-bikes can help you regain your confidence and rebuild your fitness.

Bought this [e-bike] to help with broken hip recovery, what an awesome bike, I still get a workout without stressing my leg too much, just the right amount of help.

Stephen M - Merida ESilex + 600

Bike going uphill logoConquer the Climbs

It’s on the hills where you will notice the benefits of an electric bike most. Every time we test a new electric bike, we are amazed at how easy the climbs are. Of course, you still need to put some effort in as e-bikes only assist your natural pedalling power, but those challenging climbs will now be within your reach.

Having moved to Cornwall with hills everywhere I really struggled to get out on my bike. The Orbea Gain gives me the boost needed to make the rides enjoyable while still getting a great workout as you have to put the effort in to get the assistance. This bike has given me back the joy of Riding.

Charlotte B - Orbea Gain D40

Bike going uphill logoArrive Feeling Fresher

One of the best things about e-bikes is that you can ride a good distance at a fair pace without getting all sweaty. This means that you can arrive at work feeling fresh and will be comfortable all day even if your place of work doesn’t have showers and changing facilities. Electric bikes make cycle commuting a viable option for all.

I have overcome fear and dislike of cycling, and now love cycling to work every day and cycling for pleasure at weekends. Never thought I would enjoy it so much.

Julie G - Cube Touring Hybrid Pro

Bike going uphill logoRide More

Whether it’s an extra loop of your favourite MTB trail, or taking the scenic route home from work, electric bikes encourage you to ride more. With an e-bike boost to your natural pedalling power, you’ll explore further and get more out of your ride.

The thing with eBikes… you still get a workout, but you realize you want to go further and more frequently. Game changing for me.

Rob W - Merida e140

Bike going uphill logoSave Money On Your Commute

Cannondale e bike city rider

As well as being convenient and fun e-bikes can save you money. According to a recent survey, by switching from car, bus, tube or train the average commuter could save nearly £8,000 over five years. Whilst the initial outlay on an e-bike can be higher than buying a traditional bike, they are cheap to run with a full charge costing as little as 25p, so you will quickly make savings on fuel and train tickets.

This bike has made me fall back in love with cycling again and I look forward to going out on it every workday.

Mike K - Merida eSpeeder 200

Bike going uphill logoBecause They're Fun

We all know that cycling can be fun, maybe not all the time, but the sense of freedom and enjoyment you get on a bike is hard to beat. E-bikes just give you more of it. As well as having fun on the climbs - yes that will become a thing - you’ll have more time and energy to enjoy the parts of the ride that you already love.

Such fun! I thought long and hard about buying an electric bike - they seemed very expensive, and would I miss the physical exercise? Not a bit of it - the pleasure, enjoyment, and distances I am able to cover is just brilliant. Worth every penny!!

B B - Merida ESpresso 300 EQ SE

Electric Bike Tech

electric bike battery graphicPower your ride

What is an e-bike?

An electric bike is simply a normal bike with a pedal assist electric motor and battery pack. As you turn the pedals the motor adds a boost to your natural pedalling power making it much easier to cycle. You can adjust the amount of assistance by choosing different power modes. E-bikes are great for riding further with less effort.

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How powerful is an e-bike?

Can an e-bike pull a car?

This Cube electric mountain bike is fitted with a powerful Bosch Performance CX motor. With its 250 Watts of power and 75 Newton meters of torque, we managed to pull 2 tonne (ish) estate car! In Turbo mode this bike gives up to 300% assistance!

Yes it can!

Electric bike charging graphicEasy charging on and/or off the bike

How do you charge the battery?

Electric bike batteries are easy to charge in as little as three hours, depending on capacity and charger type. Most e-bike batteries can be charged either on or off the bike. This gives you the option of charging where you park your bike or take the battery to a more convenient charging location.

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How far can I ride on one charge?

There are many variables that effect the range of an e-bike including power mode, battery capacity, bike type, weather and terrain. In a recent test we cycled 72 road kilometres over mixed terrain on a Bosch crank drive equipped urban e-bike with a 300Wh battery pack. We did this using mostly Eco and Tour mode with an occasional boost to Turbo for the steep hills.

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E-bike Battery Guide

Battery size or capacity makes the biggest difference to e-bike performance. A larger capacity battery will allow you to ride further with less effort, but a smaller battery will make the bike lighter and more manoeuvrable. Read our guide to find out more.

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Cannondale e bike city rider

Electric bike motor graphicChoose your motor

Are there differences between the motors?

There are two basic types of e-bike motor; hub drive and crank drive. Positioned in the wheel, hub drive motors allow for a more conventional frame design. Rear wheel hub drives tend to offer more assistance than those in the front wheel. Crank drive motors are positioned in the bottom bracket area of the frame and offer a more powerful boost to your natural pedalling power.

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Cannondale e bike city rider

Cycling in the rain graphicRide in all weather conditions

Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Electric bikes are designed to be ridden in all weather conditions. The motors, batteries and control units are all sealed from the elements to keep water out of the sensitive electronics. Even when it is pouring with rain your electric bike will work perfectly. In some ways e-bikes are even better than regular bikes in the rain. The additional power boost offered by e-bikes means that your core body temperature fluctuates less when cycling, so you can ride more comfortably in full waterproofs.

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Orbea Rise Review

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Pendleton Somerby E Review

An affordable e-bike for easy cycling adventures, the Pendleton Somerby E combines a comfortable upright cycling position with a powerful electric pedal assist motor.

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Specialized Turbo Levo E Bike Review

Specialized Turbo Levo Review

The Specialized Turbo Levo is a potent blend of chassis, suspension, geometry and motor assist that adds up to an incredible trail riding experience. It is the liveliest, most nimble, full-power eMTB ever.

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Electric Mountain Bikes in action - Links to FAQ guide

Electric Bike FAQ

Common e-bike questions covered including distance, battery power, weight and e-bike motor systems.

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How Does An E-Bike Work

How Do E-bikes Work

While there are different types of electric bikes the most popular are pedelecs which boost your natural pedalling power as you pedal.

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How To Maintain Your Electric Bike

Getting the most out of your e-bike is easy, just follow a few guidelines and you’ll be enjoying your electric bike every day. 

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