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Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

Cycling to work is a great way to get in your daily exercise. You’ll arrive at work energized and feeling great, ready for the day ahead. And at the end of the day, rather than lamenting the usual traffic or slow ride on public transport, you get to cruise your way home enjoying the fresh air and a healthy lifestyle.

Many already commute with a regular bike but are moving over to electric assist. Those who do not ride to work are starting to see the advantages of riding an e-bike. Headwinds and hills are blown away when riding an e-bike with no need to sweat to ride quickly, the powerful motor speeds you to your destination.

Commute by bike

This bike has made me fall back in love with cycling again and I look forward to going out on it every workday.

Mike K - Merida eSpeeder 200

Most journeys in England (67%) are under 5 miles, a distance that can easily be cycled. With an electric bike, 5 miles could easily be ridden in under 30 mins, without breaking a sweat. By leaving the car at home you save on fuel, wear and tear, parking and possibly congestion charges. If you normally use public transport, you will save that cost too.

Some might drive to work, then drive to the gym. But riding means you can get your daily exercise in on the commute, even with an e-bike. On days when you want a workout or are feeling strong, dial back the power assistance with the easy-to-use control buttons on the bike. On days when you’re tired or the hills feel like too much effort, up the power setting to get pulled along. Many describe the feeling as riding with a strong tailwind.

Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

The daily drudgery of sitting in traffic, on the same old route amongst all the fumes can be replaced with the thrill and joy of a bike ride. It is a bold step but for the ultimate money saving measure, an ebike can completely replace a car. Some households with two cars pull it back to one to keep the flexibility for those longer journeys while saving money, helping the environment, and getting fitter.

For most people, simply creating the new habit of cycling to work will save money over using the car or public transport. The savings do not end on the commute though, owning an electric bike energises you to get out more, its just so easy! All those short trips to the shops, the café, or to see friends and family can now be ridden, saving you even more in fuel and maintenance costs.

Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

Health benefits

I love this bike. [It] has taken me away from the sofa after 30 years and enabled me to ride a 22 mile round trip to and from work in all weathers.

Des S - Giant Fathom E+ 3

The idea that e-bikes are somehow cheating or for lazy riders is obsolete. When you ride any bike, you are engaging in physical activity which decreases the risk of serious disease. An e-bike simply takes you to your destination faster and because of extra assistance, you will ride more often as it’s more enjoyable.

You only need two to four hours of exercise a week to see a general improvement in your health. Regular, low-impact cardiovascular activity like cycling will increase your mobility, strength, flexibility and posture. You’ll feel the benefits of breathing deeply, owning a strong heart and notice the decrease in body fat.

Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

Your mental health gets all the benefits of physical activity such as reduced depression, stress and anxiety. You’ll also feel the benefits from simply enjoying your day, not sitting down with a sedentary lifestyle, but out of the traffic, gaining personal space away from public transport and feeling the breeze on your skin.

Riding to work and for other short journeys not only helps your wallet, physical and mental health and appetite, but you’ll also enjoy better sleep. With better sleep, you'll have a higher general energy level ready to enjoy the extra time in your day given by an electric bike. The world will also benefit, cycling and not burning fossil fuels will help our environment. With more people cycling, there will be fewer cars on the road and in turn, less traffic when you do need to take the car out.

Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Save Money On Your Commute

Riding an electric bike instead of taking the car will save you money. It will increase your physical and mental health, along with helping the planet. Cruise along through the fresh air, boosted by the extra help an e-bike gives you and enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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