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Reasons To Buy An E Bike: Ride More

An extra loop of your favourite MTB trail, adding extra miles on to your road ride, or taking the scenic route home from work. One of the first things you’ll notice when you ride an e bike is that you’ll find yourself riding more.

Ride More MTB Trails

Climbing can be a lot quicker on an e bike, not to mention being a lot easier. When you’re riding mountain bike trails this means that you can complete a loop faster leaving yourself time to for another lap.

We decided to test this theory by seeing how many laps of a local trail loop we could complete in an hour. We noticed a massive difference: 4 loops in an hour on normal trail bike compared with 8 on an eMTB!

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The thing with eBikes… you still get a workout, but you realize you want to go further and more frequently. Game changing for me.

Rob W - Merida e140

Cycle further

With a motor to help you up the climbs you’ll have more energy to ride further. With a range of over 80 miles even on hilly terrain an electric road bike can open up new opportunities for adventure.

We rode a Giant road e bike from Bristol to Cardiff. A route of 62 miles riding mostly Sustrans cycle routes and country lanes. At the end of the ride, we still had enough battery capacity for another 22 miles!

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It [gives me] the opportunity to ride even further, with a lot more confidence. Hills are no longer a problem, especially here in Wales. I am 65 years old, and this has given me a new look at biking.

Clive R - Giant Fathom E+

Take the Scenic route home

The average cycle commute distance in the UK is just under 10 miles while typical ranges for urban e bikes are over 40 miles on a single charge. With all this extra capacity why not take the scenic route home? On a nice bright evening, or morning, a detour through the park could be the highlight of your day.

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