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Electric Bike FAQ

How does an eBike work?

Electric bikes use an electric motor to boost your natural pedalling power. All you need to do is turn the pedals and the eBike will automatically add a power boost. You can easily control your speed because the amount of power the eBike gives you depends on how much you pedal. You can also select different power modes to vary the amount of assist that the motor gives you. Pedalling will seem almost effortless (especially in the higher power modes) and you will find that you are able to climb and accelerate much faster than usual. 

See our how do eBikes work guide for more info.

Commuter ebike

How far can I ride on a single charge? 

It is hard to say exactly how far you will be able to ride on a single charge but most eBike cyclists have no problem reaching their destination on a single charge. The actual range of an electric bike will vary depending on many things including; the gradient of the road or trail, your average speed, the capacity of the battery and the power mode that you use. 

See our how far can you ride on an e bike page to see exactly how far you will be able to ride on a single charge.

e-MTB on a trail

How long does the battery take to charge?

All of our eBikes feature lithium ion batteries that can be charged in 3-6 hours from flat depending on the battery capacity. 

Electric bike batteries are rechargeable both on and off the bike giving you the option to recharge your eBike in the office after a long commute.

e-bike battery pack

How heavy are eBikes?

While eBikes are significantly heavier than regular bikes you won't notice this extra weight when you ride one. Most pedal assisted eBikes also have a push assist button so the bike won’t even feel heavy when you walk with it. 

Averaging around 20kg you will however notice the extra weight if you need to lift one onto a car rack. Of course you can always remove the battery to reduce the weight before you lift it.

e-MTB on rugged conditions

Can I put an eBike on a regular car rack?

Yes, you can put an eBike on a regular car rack, but you should be aware of the weight limit of the rack as well as the weight of the bikes. Electric bikes weigh an average of 20kg which may mean that you can only put 1 or 2 eBikes on a rack designed to take 2 or 3 regular bikes. 

Check the maximum load capacity of your car rack as a rack with a maximum load capacity of 30kg is only suitable for one eBike while a 45kg capacity rack will take 2. 

A eBike on a bike rack attached to the towbar and back of a big 4x4 car

How fast can I ride on an eBike? 

You can ride an eBike as fast as you like but you will only get help from the electric motor up to 15mph (25kph). The electric assist is limited by law and all of our eBikes conform to this 15mph limit. 

Practically speaking, as soon as you reach 15mph the motor will stop helping you but it won’t slow you down so you can either press on to go faster or ease back and continue take advantage of the electric boost.

A ground view of two MTB'er from the back on MTB eBikes

Do systems vary between brands?

The main eBike motor manufacturers are Bosch, Brose, Yamaha and more recently Shimano. Most bikes use these systems. The differences between them are quite small as they each offer 250w motors, which is the maximum power allowed by law. Similarly the battery packs are available in 3 sizes, 300, 400 & 500Wh. The biggest difference with Bosh and Yamaha motors is that the Yamaha relies solely on external gearing so it is sometimes fitted with a double chainring. The Bosch motor is internally geared so has a very small chainring which has the advantage of being very secure.

Display units will vary, as do the available power modes but all the functionality that you need is available on a handlebar mounted display. The exception to this is the Specialized Levo range of  bikes. Specialized have developed their own drive system which doesn’t feature a handlebar mounted display as this can be distracting, especially for technical mountain bike riding. Power modes are selected on the battery pack while the more advanced features are controlled via a smart phone app.

a eBike rider checking out his stats of his ride on his smartphone

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