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Children cycling Children cycling

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Kids Cycling

Most of us remember getting our first bike and how great it felt to discover new places with our friends. Give your child a love of cycling with a new kids bike and inspire healthy habits that they can take into adulthood.

The kids' bikes here at Tredz are not toys. They are lightweight and modern small bikes, designed specifically to help children get the most benefit from cycling. To help you choose we’ve picked out a selection of our best kids bikes. Grouped by type and wheel size these bikes are for children of different ages and cycling ability.

Icon - Types Of Kids BikesWhat Type of Bike should you buy?

Balance Bike Guide

The simplest and possibly best way for young children to learn the skills of cycling is with a balance bike. With no stabilisers and no pedals, balance bikes give children the chance to develop balancing skills in their own time. Once they get the hang of it, kids can just pull their legs up and cruise along. Finding balance is the foundation to cycling, so why not get started early?

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Kids Bike Guide

Learning to ride a bike is one of the most memorable childhood experiences and is a skill that stays with us our whole lives. From taking those initial pedal stokes to mastering the bike and pushing your limits, cycling is a wonderful journey. While you can learn to ride at any age, the earlier you start the easier it is to progress.

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BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are light for speed but strong enough to take abuse such as landing after jumps. There are different types of BMX bike, so it's definitely best to check which genre you need if you're buying a BMX as a gift (or better still, let the recipient choose their own).

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Icon - Kids Bike SizingKids Bike Sizing

Kids Bike Sizing Chart



Height (cm)

1 - 4

Balance Bike

77 – 105

2 - 4


85 – 105

4 - 6


105 – 117

5 - 7


112 – 125

6 - 8


117 – 132

7 - 10


125 – 136

10 +



Kids Bike Sizing

Choose a bike that fits

Avoid buying a bike which is too big for them with hopes they will 'grow into' the frame. It will be too heavy for them and difficult to ride. 

You want them to easily reach the floor and pedals, and have full control of the handlebar and brakes.

There are some in between wheel sizes, take a look at our kids bike size guide for more.

Remember, you can always hand down bikes to younger siblings once they've outgrown their bike, or simply sell them on.

Invest in the Best Kids Bike

Cheaper steel kid's bikes are heavy, hard to ride and break easily, so they spend much of their life rusting away in the shed, unused. A lightweight kid's bike is easier and more fun to ride, so it will get used all the time making it much better value in the long run.

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children cycling on footpath

Teaching Your Child to Ride

Like the bicycle itself, the way we learn to ride a bike has changed over the years. Teaching children to cycle has never been easier with kids’ bikes that are specifically designed for children of every age.

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Child cycling

Icon - Shop By SizeShop By Size

1 - 4 Years Old - Balance Bikes 

Balance is the most important skill to master when learning to ride a bike. A balance bike is the simplest type of bike. With no pedals to worry about these starter bikes help kids to learn balance straight away. They simply use their feet for support and to scoot along at a safe speed. Balance bikes generally have 10” or 12” wheels, some have larger 14” wheels for children up to six years old.

2 - 4 Years Old - 12" Wheel Bike

For kids who are ready to move on from a balance bike and learn to pedal. Once children have learned how to balance, the step up to a pedal bike is easy and these 12” wheeled bikes the perfect next step. As pedals allow them to go further and faster all these bikes have brakes to help them to stop safely. Some bikes are supplied with stabilizers, but these are easy to take off if they have already learned to balance.

4 - 8 Years Old - 14", 16" & 18" Wheel Bikes

A step up from 12" wheels, these 14", 16” and 18" wheeled kids bikes are made for little ones between 5 and 8 years old. This is the perfect time for them to catch the cycling bug and get them out in the great outdoors. Some of these bikes still come with removable stabilizers, and all are single speed so they are simple to ride.

7 - 10 Years Old - 20" Wheel Bikes

These are coming of age bikes. With lightweight frames, geared drivetrains and good quality components, these 20” wheel bikes will help them to progress their cycling skills. Wide tyres and suspension forks make them ideal for cycling through the park and on forest roads. Disc brake equipped bikes offer better stopping power when the roads are wet.

10 - 12 Years Old - 24" Wheel Bikes

24" bikes mark the last stage in your child's development before they move to an adult bike. These bikes are scaled down adult bikes. You find proper gearing and refined frame designs. This is where you start seeing a split between off-road and on-road bikes. On-road bikes will feature lightweight frames and stiff rigid forks for speed on flat roads and tarmac. Off-road bikes come with 50-70mm front suspension for rougher terrain. 7-9 speed cassettes help your child get to grips with gearing and learn how to ride efficiently.

12 Years Old and Above - BMX Bikes

BMXs are small in size which makes them light and easy to manoeuvre. Almost all BMX wheels are 20” in size. Top tubes can range between 20”-20.75” and handlebar height and width can also differ.

Keeping Them Protected - Kids Helmets

From the super cool Bell Sidetrack helmet (featuring sick designing including a gnarly trex!) to the more advanced Giro Tremor lid, keeping your children protected incase of accidents is super important. Take a peak at some of our hand picked helmets below.

Kids Cycle Clothing

Whether the snow is falling or the sun is shining this half term, make sure your kids are kitted out with all the best gear, from winter mittens to knee guards.

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