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Bike Light Comparison

Bike Light Comparison

It’s hard to tell how good a bike light will be without seeing the brightness for yourself. That’s why we braved the cold Autumn air to put together this helpful lights comparison guide. You can see how bright each light is and compare key information between products such as output, weight and run times.

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Female cyclists adjusting saddle

Saddle setup in 5 easy steps

Setting your saddle to the correct height is a small, yet important part of bike setup making for a much more enjoyable ride.

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How to lubricate your chain

How To Lubricate Your Chain

To keep your bike quiet and in good order, it's important to lube the chain. Do it as often as needed, but once a week after cleaning is a good place to start.

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How to get the right tyre pressure

How To Get The Right Tyre Pressure

Running tyres at too high a pressure can be uncomfortable to ride, while too low is inefficient and can increase the chance of getting a puncture.

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Bike Cleaning

Bike Cleaning Guide

Not only does it look nasty and make cycling more difficult, all that muck and grime can also wear and rust your valuable components.

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How To Attach/Remove Your Pedals

How To Attach & Remove Your Pedals

Attaching and removing your bike's pedals might seem a simple task, but without the right size tools and a bit of know-how, it can sometimes be difficult.

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How to do up QR skewers securely

How To Do Up QR Skewers Securely

Accidentally over-tightening QR levers so you can't undo them again is a very common rookie error. Learn how to firmly secure them without getting them stuck.

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Commuting by bike

Commuting By Bike

It's time to ditch the car and ride to work instead. You'll be fitter, less stressed and you'll probably get there faster too.

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Winter Cycling Guide

Winter Cycling Tips

With crisp morning air, the scrunch of leaves beneath tyres and lure of a steaming coffee post-ride, it's well worth bracing the elements.

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Summer Cycling Guide

Summer Cycling Tips

The days are longer, the evenings are warm and the roads are dry - there's no better time to be on a bike than in the Summer.

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Cycling food and drink

Cycling Food And Drink Guide

Energy and recovery products will start you off full of energy, give an extra boost mid-ride and help your body recover afterwards.

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Cycling with children

Cycling With Children Guide

Cycling with children is fun, teaches them confidence and road safety and gets the whole family benefiting from exercise, fresh air and spending time together.

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