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Two road cyclists wearing spring-appropriate cycle clothing


Spring is here! Now we are making our way into better weather, riders on both trails and tarmac will need some new equipment to make the most of it on their bikes. In our Spring essentials guide, we aim to help you and your bike deal with the changeable conditions and weather at this time of year.

With bikes needing some loving care when coming out of the winter slog, and clothing needs changing, our Spring Essentials will help you cruise along with this in this shoulder season.


Dress for the weather

Shoulder seasons can bring their own demands on clothing and equipment. The mornings and evenings are still cold, but the days are now warmer, clothing and layering techniques need to adapt to the weather and changing temperatures.

Base Layers Back to top

The best way to stay warm and comfortable on the bike is to wear multiple layers. This means that you can fine-tune your clothing microclimate.

  • Start with a baselayer then add a jersey or fleece mid-layer if necessary, with a waterproof or windproof layer on top.
  • Choose layers that are made from technical fabrics that wick sweat away from your skin as this will help stop you overheating.
  • You can also add gloves, over-trousers, over-shoes and a skullcap under your helmet for extra warmth and protection.
  • Layering your clothing means that you can manage your temperature effectively by shedding or adding layers as needed.
A cycling adding an extra layer

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Arm & Leg Warmers Back to top

The perfect half-way between warm weather clothing and winter layering. Arm and leg warmers can be rolled down when temperatures rise or removed completely, they pack very small and can be stored in jersey pockets.

  • Perfect for those cold starts and changeable conditions
  • Avoid overheating in the middle of the day
  • When it’s too warm for winter tights but too cold for shorts
  • Forearms bear the brunt of the cold, keep the chill at bay
A cyclist wearing arm and leg warmers

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Jackets Back to top

Staying protected from the wind and rain is essential if you want to be comfortable on the bike as the seasons change.

  • The key to this is to balance water resistance with breathability.
  • This is where a good jacket can make all the difference as it will keep the water out when it’s raining but won’t allow you to overheat when the rain stops.
  • A waterproof rating of 10,000mm will give you good rain protection on your daily commute while a 10,000mm breathability ratings will keep you comfortable as you ride.
Two cyclists wearing lightweight, waterproof jackets

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Gloves Back to top

Dedicated cycling gloves are fitted to be comfortable in the riding position, they not only keep your hands warm and dry, but they also help keep control of the bars and brakes during wet and cold rides.

  • Windproof gloves are a good first step as they protect you from cold air but are still very breathable
  • Waterproof gloves offer next-level protection against the cold as well as downpours.
  • When it gets very cold thermal gloves are what you need to stay comfortable on the bike.
A cyclist putting on a pair of cycling gloves

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Sunglasses Back to top

From clear glasses for use in low light, to polarised lenses for when the sun shines, cycling glasses improve comfort and visibility out on your rides.

  • Functional and effortlessly stylish
  • No road or trail spray in your eyes
  • Stops the cold air making your eyes water
  • Clear lenses protect from the bugs at dusk
A cyclist putting on sunglasses

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Refresh your Bike

New Chain, Cassette & Cables Back to top

  • Periodic chain changes save money in the long-term by preventing premature wear to the rest of the drivetrain, they also feel super slick from new, treating your bike to slick shifts and less drive train drag.
  • Cassette - The winter grime can take its toll, a shiny new cassette will shift and perform better, though this is an area for easy weight savings with an upgrade.
  • Cables - Not only do they stretch over time, but a dirty cable adds resistance to shifting and braking, a new set of inners and outers can make your bike feel like new.
A shiny new chain and cassette

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Lights Back to top

If you are commuting to work on your bike, then lights are an absolute essential as the seasons change.

  • For cycling on unlit roads, you’ll need a powerful front light so you can see the road ahead as well as a rear light to be seen from behind.
  • Even if your route is on fully lit roads then you need good lights to ensure that you are properly visible.
  • It is a good idea to have two front and two rear lights when cycling in the dark.
A Moon front light

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Frame pump and saddlebag Back to top

    If you do get caught out with a flat tyre, then having the right things with you can save the day.

  • The easiest way to fix a flat tyre on the road is to put a new tube in and repair the old one when you get home.
  • You can easily store a spare tube, puncture repair kit and tyre levers in a medium-sized saddlebag.
  • Attach a pump to your frame like the Lezyne Alloy Drive V2, it's small yet powerful
A Cube saddle bag filled with a compact pump and spare tube

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WheelsBack to top

Spring is here but the road surface and trails can still be rough. But it is time to start thinking of those ultra-fast summer days. For those that do not have a winter wheelset, it is always a good idea to have two sets of wheels. One for the slop, grit and mud, set up with winter tyres for training and racking up the miles. Another for the dry days when you can use the ultra-light and fast-rolling tyres and wheelsets.

A new lightweight wheelset could enhance your summer riding

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Clean and service your bike Back to top

  • To avoid corrosion you must clean off the inevitable dirt, salt and grime that will collect on your bike.
  • Bike cleaner like Muc-Off will make things a lot easier.
  • Be careful about using a jet wash as this can damage the bearings in the wheel hubs and bottom bracket.
  • Once your bike is clean check that everything is working properly then protect and lubricate.
Lube being applied to a chain

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Computers & GPS Back to top

The days are getting longer, and the rides are too. We all like to train for the summer months, and there is no better way than by keeping track of your progress.

From a simple computer that tracks your speed and distance, to the full-blown units that integrate with heart rate, cadence and power meters to give a full breakdown of performance and statistics. A cycle computer or GPS unit can take your riding and performance to the next level.

A computer attached to the bars/stem of a road bike

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Turbo Trainers Back to top

Turbo trainers let you train indoors, from a simple wheel on design where you drop your bike into the trainer to get exercising, through to direct drive Smart trainers that integrate with sensors like cadence, power and heart rate to give a truly unique and immersive training experience. Those with smart trainers can connect to virtual and social cycling worlds like Zwift.

A Tacx smart turbo trainer being used with interactive training software

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